Organising animal care

Our gorgeous cat

Insanely adorable, this is our furry friend, Roxy (music) Oliver. She’s a very special part of our family.

People, I know it’s tough to try and keep up with everything, but my heart breaks when the voiceless creatures in homes or offices neglected. I see it far too often. Some organising your pet ideas:

  • Clean out that fish tank. Regularly.
  • Walk the dog. At LEAST once a day. Try and make it twice.
  • Play with your cat. Several times a week.
  • Walk the bunny.  Or at least set it free for some parole once in a while
  • Empty the litter tray, wash it completely at least weekly
  • Socialise with all your animals! Living creatures aren’t ornaments.

Further, we’re talking:

  • desexing (essential with cats and dogs, not sure about rabbits)
  • grooming
  • watering & feeding (fresh bowls daily, not weekly)
  • fresh plants for the fishies
  • a balanced diet, I’m talking diversity
  • periodically wash their bedding
  • worming, vaccinations, etc.
  • holiday care and special attention if fireworks or celebrations are happening.

If you have kids, and they are not pitching in, it’s time for some tough love.  Living creatures need maintenance.

Get in a routine, create a roster, stick to it. You have a responsibility and you have skills they don’t. Please, organise yourself to make sure you regularly care for your animals. They deserve the best possible care. They thank you for their care!  I thank you for their care!

If you don’t have the time, energy or organisational skills for your animals, you need to rehouse them with someone who can care for them.

Have I missed anything?


7 responses to “Organising animal care

  1. Something that I’ve had to do over the last few years, as my cats have grown elderly, is organise an “emergency vet trip bag”. My current elderly cat always gets sick in the car (and it can be from both ends – what fun) even on a 2 minute trip. Some trips are up to an hour &, believe me, you don’t want to be unprepared – it can be a very smelly trip for that period of time. I doubt my cats have enjoyed it either as they are usually fastidiously clean.
    It’s quite a simple bag and kept permanently in the car – lots of plastic bags (large & small), several pairs of latex gloves, a roll of paper towel, a bottle of water, and an old towel. Experience is a great teacher!

  2. Totally agree, Lissanne. If your animals aren’t considered part of the family and treated with the love, respect, care and compassion they deserve maybe you shouldn’t have got them in the first place. Animals are NOT play things for children or just because you think you should have a dog! They are with you for their whole lives. I agree wholeheartedly with rehoming comment. Maybe basic training could be added to the list?

  3. Observation. Determine what is normal for your pet, and take note of any deviation, big or small. You know your pet better than the vet because you see them every day.
    Secondly, flexibility. Who says you have to use supermarket litter trays, if your cat prefers something deeper and larger, like a plastic storage box sans lid and wheels.

    • Beautifully put, Robin. I am in full agreement re the litter tray – our Rox uses a large plastic tub with the side cut out and confetti cut shredded paper.

      Interesting comment re observation. It’s easy to default to the “expert” but you are spot on – we do know our sweet critters better than anyone. I noticed Rox was off her food past few days. Very unusual. But no other symptoms. Finally worked out she needs more water… if you know what I mean 🙂

      Thanks for your contribution!

  4. An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment.
    There’s no doubt that that you should publish more on this issue, it might not be a taboo subject but usually folks don’t talk about such issues.

    To the next! Many thanks!!

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