YLOTL Revisiting the Butterfly Club

In the second of my series revisiting Your Life on the Lawn 10 years on, I’m taking you back to visit Matt Grant, from the Butterfly Club in South Melbourne.

If you don’t remember the ‘picture corners’ you might like to check out my YLOTL edit here – it will give a little background on those pesky frame scraps!


11 responses to “YLOTL Revisiting the Butterfly Club

  1. The picture corners were INSANE! Mind you, if that guy was behind the Butterfly Club, it had this wonderful aesthetic with retro objet trouve (junk) crammed in on every possible surface. It’s since moved and is now in a lane off Little Collins St and Yon from Tripod is performing solo there until next week … http://thebutterflyclub.com/shows.php

  2. Sorry, I’ve just realised that is a video of Matt, not just a photo. (My browser is, let’s say, eccentric.) What an extraordinary guy!! His 4th Masters? In Japanese flower arranging? AND he has a show in the comedy festival!?!

    • I know! He’s amazing! And yes, how cool was The Butterfly Club in it’s day in South Melbourne. And the corners. Oh, the corners!!!!!!!!! I still remember the day we shot that moment – long day, sorting sorting, and Matt tells me he’s not sure about the corners!!! As you will see from the YLOTL showreel, I could barely speak… too funny!

  3. Wow, how cool to see you live and in action! Love your personality and humor, it inspired me. Where can I watch the episodes online?

    • Thanks Lora! I do love to have fun with my clients – decluttering doesn’t have to be a chore. Unfortunately, none of the episodes are publicly available. Maybe we should lobby Fremantle TV to put them on You-tube?!

    • I know! Corners! When I first talked to Matt about filming a follow up, he didn’t really remember the corners. I had to show him the video. What a cack! It was one of my all-time favourite moments from all 13 episodes.

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