Organise your organ donation

Screen Life Winner 2013It’s very, very important to talk to your family and friends about organ donation and let them know your wishes. Australia has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world. It’s time this changed. Organise your organ donation today. #havethechat

You might also like to check out The Film Life Project.

According to their website, The Film Life Project “exists to capture the stories of organ donation and transplantation through the eyes of young people.” Thanks to Carly Findlay who tweeted the following video as the winner of the FilmLife 2013 Project – it’s superb!  I think you’ll enjoy it. I did.

PS My dear friend Grace suggested that organ donation should be mandatory [by default] in Australia, and if you DON’t want to participate, that you then need to register your interest.  Genius.


6 responses to “Organise your organ donation

  1. A very timely plea, Lissanne, because Four Corners made this very moving doco about organ transplant: focussing partly on the kidney needed by ABC journalist Mark Colvin, who acquired a life-threatening kidney disease while reporting on the Rwanda genocide. That may sound exceptional, but non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is growing in Australia and a liver transplant is one of the hardest organs to get. Any one of us could need a transplant. We should all seriously consider becoming donors: blood donors, bone marrow donors, organ donors. In the case of organs, it’s your next-of-kin who make the decision when the crunch comes: they need to know what you want.

    • Totally agree, Olivia. We need to tell our next-of-kin and hope to god they don’t deny our wishes.

      PS I’ve heard about Mark Colvin’s story, but haven’t watched the footage – thank you kindly for the link! I Will check it out. I didn’t know liver was hardest to get. I believe harvesting can include heart, lungs, liver, eyes, kidneys, tissue and corneas. Probably more, but not sure. Whatever was useful, I’d be happy to donate. I can’t donate blood since I lived in the UK during the Mad Cow episode, but think that’s a very easy thing to do too.

      Are you a donor, Olivia?

      • Yup. I’ve been a blood donor since my teens, though stopped when I was breastfeeding. I’ve not yet been called on to donate bone marrow, though a friend with leukaemia is currently looking for a donor. His situation is dire and I wish I were a match. Not even his siblings are a match, sadly, so they have to look further afield. You have to be on the registry to be matched. More info on the bone marrow registry:
        For organ donation, the important thing is for your rels to know you want to donate. I’d certainly like to, when my time comes.

    • Oh my goodness, that Four Corners story was riveting. Thank you so much for the link – I am so pleased to know more about the process of organ donation and these incredible stories.

  2. I’m not sure whether I agree with compulsory organ donation but my wish would be that if I register then that will take precedence over my family since that would be *my* wish. I have registered, I have discussed this frequently with my family but my fear is that if I were to die early then this would put my family in such a state of shock that they would be unable to make the decision.

    BTW did you know that if you sign up to donate your body to science (medical schools) you can not become an organ donor.

    • Ah! I didn’t think about donating to science versus donating organs – that’s good to know, thank you!

      So glad you have discussed your wishes, excellent!

      To clarify my take on the mandatory comment, I don’t mean organ and tissue donation should be compulsory, rather, it’s just a default position that we need to be organised to change (or not!!) I think it would be a good motivator!!

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