When labels go wrong

When labels go wrong

When labels go wrong


12 responses to “When labels go wrong

  1. Which just goes to show, if you can’t recognise pasta when you see it, you shouldn’t be holding a labelling gun …

  2. I suppose it’s not too bad with those as you can clearly see that what is in there does not match the label. However, I would hate to see what would happen with their flour!

  3. LOL I get icing sugar, flour/s (self raising, plain), cornflour, bicarb, salt, sugar, etc, but do you REALLY need labels for Nutrigrain and Saladas? Maybe someone bought themselves a label maker and needed to justify its existence??? I mean, as handy as they are, they’re pretty much a one trick pony. (And I did finally relent and buy one AND I used it!! Just need to do a bit more paper sorting to use it more…) But then I’m a person who doesn’t label feel the need to label the bathroom cupboard, maybe they were? (One book or PDF I’ve read suggests just that! It wasn’t yours by chance, Lissane?) Cotton buds, generic band aids, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products…. 😀 (Now I think about it, Julie Morgenstern’s book did too – but it wasn’t the only one! The mind boggles at that kind of disorganisation!!) (But in saying that, I actually witnessed the worst case of hoarding I’ve seen yesterday – IN THE FLESH – maybe some people need that? But as bad as it was inside, the animals outside were worse.)

  4. Agree that labelling can be overused and particularly when used inaccurately, totally nonsensical… but did the posts have to descend into such judgementalness? (I know that’s not a word!) Presumably these photos were taken from someone’s personal collection (and hopefully they consented to having their wares posted online) – a light laughter is understandable, but truly these comments made me cringe; we can do better than that!

    • Hey Felicity, I had to re-read the comments to refresh my memory, and I really appreciate your perspective, thank you!

      For the record, I took the photos and they were used with permission. It was at a client’s home. We were laughing our heads off.

      But your comments made me see another side to the scenario – while I might not label a clear container where you can see the contents, perhaps in many cases it’s because the space has been finely tuned and it’s more about where the container *fits* than anything else? Maybe the cereal all goes together in the larger containers on a particular shelf and they only just fit, that kind of thing.
      So thanks for the comments! It made me think outside the container, er um, the box

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