Getting it wrong

I kid you not: when I was a kid in the 70’s I recall staring at this album cover:

iggy pop

Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop. Image stolen from somewhere on the internet.

and for many more years than I care to admit, thinking the artist was this woman:

patsy biscoe

Children’s entertainer, Patsy Biscoe. Image stolen from somewhere on the internet


Thank god I finally discovered The Godfather of Punk.

Another corker was reconciling, aka checking off my ATM slips off my bank statement, because I thought that’s what you were supposed to do. oh. My.  Did I not have better things to do with my time?  Let’s just say I’m conscientious. Ouch. And other stupid things like going through 6 years worth of magazines to tear our the things I wanted to keep.  Was it worth my time? Absolutely not.

So while we are discussing mistakes, I want to hear your decluttering mistakes.  Let’s embrace them.  Let’s tell the world! What things have you gotten wrong?  Have you discarded something you shouldn’t have?  Have you wasted time doing something stupid?  Do you laugh at your decluttering effforts from the 1980’s? Or was it just your hair you were laughing at?  You can share here.  I promise I won’t tell anyone.


20 responses to “Getting it wrong

  1. Are you kidding me….was Patsy Biscoe Iggy Pop? nooooooo Well who would have thunk it all those years ago!

  2. LOL! Ah, memories. I’d like to say this example of decluttering idiocy dates from the ’80s, but it was like, two months ago. I bought about $200 worth of storage with very high ambitions, and it’s been sitting on my living room floor, still in its bag and has become … clutter.

  3. btw, if I started on this topic, I would open a flood gate of examples of “getting it wrong”…. sigh… bit of an expert at this…..! 🙂

  4. My biggest mistake was not throwing anything away, just in case… Because everyone needs vases from the 80’s, and crocheted bottle covers in the shape of a dog. And yes I still have them…

  5. Ha ha ha! Hilarious! I remember lots of sewing kits and little storage containers being covered in floral padded material. Gross!

    • Hey give me a break…. I made crap in the late 80’s in padded FLORAL material…..I was cool back then…and to Jane…..Enid Blyton….child hood hero..presumably women,,,,,,actual to a small innoceng girl..asexual……..Go Moonface and the Magic Faraway Tree x, never mind Naughty Amelia Jane!

  6. LOL @ Iggy being a woman. You’re not entirely wrong though Lissane. I’ve seen some rough looking women so thinking Iggy was a woman is not THAT much of a stretch!

    My padded Smurfs pencil box. That’s pretty much the only thing from my childhood I’d like back (and that I know I don’t have). Everything else is in boxes somewhere…. ;D (I found a box of office supply EXCESS the other day. My god. Imitation sticky notes x 10, glue x 2, packaging tape x 5, sticky labels x 100 or so. Say it with me now, h,o,a,r,d,e,r…)

  7. As a kid I (can’t even explain this as it makes no sense) was sure that Enid Blyton was a man. So surely that tops thinking Iggy Pop was a woman.

  8. did I mention I still have a fair proportion of my Derwent pencils from the 70’s that I saved so hard to buy. Not complete as it was bacc then bc they got stolen (out of jealousy) but did get most back and still have to this day… pieces

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