Your Life on the Lawn – 10 years on

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Can you believe it’s been a decade since Your Life on the Lawn? I know so many of you loved the show (thank you!) but it’s new to some of you too.

YLOTL was a lifestyle makeover show, based on the BBCs Life Laundry. We filmed 13 episodes in Melbourne, Australia, that screened from 2002 on prime time on Channel 7. Production was care of a fantastic crew from Grundy TV (since bought out by Fremantle).  Although episodes are not publicly available, you can see a small selection of footage in my showreel.  Lots of fun!

The cast was myself (professional organiser), Simon Fenner (second hand dealer) and flame haired Pascal Fox (host).

Together with our off-camera team (that included Mr Jason Grant!) each week we made over a cluttered home each week, and if you’re anything like me, you LOVE a good before and after.

I will be sharing some more interviews with you this year, so stay tuned as I report back on some of the participants. If you were a guest or crew member on the show I would love to hear from you, please be in touch!

First up, I chatted with the Simon Fenner, my lovely co-host, about what has changed in the second hand world over the past ten years?  I know you want to know about selling your stuff. He had some really interesting things to say  – vital tips if you are wanting to offload your stuff.

Check out the best tips for selling second hand today!


16 responses to “Your Life on the Lawn – 10 years on

  1. Simon’s interview was really interesting, thank you for posting it. I’m pretty sure you had a hand in the summary point subtitles…just as well he didn’t say ‘buy up now while the market is flooded and cheap’ ;-P

  2. I love this! It’s such a wake up call to think that my treasures may really not be worth what I think they are. A couple of years ago I saw a news segment where an old man had his life’s work, a neatly catalogued expansive beautiful record collection evaluated. The dealer came to his home, looked over his immaculate collection and broke it to him that it wasn’t worth anything. It was a sad bit of TV, seeing the old mans disappointment & also realizing that my little record collection was worth even less! I questioned my motives for collecting and realised that its true worth is found in the satisfaction & enjoyment that it brings to me. This interview with Simon is worth watching a few times over. Think about worth & motivation. If you collect for the assumed wealth it will bring you in the future, look out!

  3. YLOTL was the best thing that could have happened to our clutter! Really enjoyed the experience; learnt so much from it and still managing to keep the clutter at bay (more or less… ;-))
    Happy Birthday for last Friday, Lissanne, was thinking of you! Hope you were awash in hot chips!

    • Nicoll! So so funny you remember my hot chip fetish (cake), well, hasn’t served me well, now 8kgs heavier 🙂

      Would love to interview you and Gary for the series – please let me know if you’re keen and I we can tee up a visit to yours!! PS I have some photos from back then to show you although I seem to recall you made your own (scrap) book!! xxxx

  4. Hi Lissanne , 10 years Wow! Well done. My daughter in Minnesota still refers to your book ‘Sorted’ that I sent her. Loved Simon’s bit. He is spot on. Have always collected the article/book etc. not for what it may be worth but because I liked it. Again happy birthday and remember ‘ the best is yet to come! PS: 46 years married next Monday.

    • Wow! Lyn! I remember you buying the book for your daughter – brilliant!!

      Congrats to you and hubbie for your 46 years next Monday, that is a stunning achievement :-)) I hope you have a brilliant day together. Enjoy!

  5. We seem to be swamped with current tv shows from the US or Britain on hoarding/organising. Where is our own Australian one? boohoo…

  6. I’m reading this at work so I can’t see the YouTube vid, but my feeling about second hand dealing is – whatever money they offer you, TAKE IT, because it’s money you don’t have now, plus you’re getting rid of stuff.
    Last year I took some lovely china and silverware to a secondhand dealer and got over $200 for the lot. One of the Royal Doulton plates I got $20 for – the dealer was very upfront about the fact he’d probably get a lot more for it when the right buyer came along – which might take a few years. Hey, it was $20, and it wasn’t a plate I liked anyway.
    I also sold my childhood stamp collection (quite large) for $30. Again it was $30 I didnt have, and I was getting rid of another box.

  7. I remember this show. I loved it! I had no idea what a professional organiser was back then. I did my own personal version and brought things out of each room into the living room and only put back what i loved and what was useful. Here I am 10 yrs later trying to work outhow to become an organiser myself. Its my dream job…cant wait to do the training 🙂

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