Routines that work! “Sunday sloth”

Congratulations! You’ve made it through a whole week of Routines that Work!  You’ve earned a Sunday Sloth if your week looked like this:

Monday Money

Tidy up Tuesday

Wednesday Washing

Thursday Throw

Friday Finish

Saturday Sorting

If you didn’t make progress during the week, or, you made great progress and you’re on a roll, today is your chance to do a little more… I know you can do it 🙂

Remember, mess is fine, Neglect is not.

Mess is fine, neglect is not.


2 responses to “Routines that work! “Sunday sloth”

  1. I love Sunday Sloth. Especially when the weeks before and after are hideous-busy. To me, this kind of sloth doesn’t have to mean ‘do nothing’, but ‘do something different to what you normally do’. If I cook, it’s because I want to make something specific and enjoyable. If I go to the pool it’s not to swim laps, but to play with my grandson. If I garden, it’s for the enjoyment factor, not the chore needing to be done. etc. It’s a mind game that works really well for me.
    Love your work, Lissanne.

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