Routines that work: “Saturday sorting”

mess of clothesYour starting point for getting organising is sorting.  Grouping like objects is the first step in creating order from chaos.  When you have a mish-mash of unsorted, a mixed bag, a cacophony of stuff, a tumbling jumble:

  • it can be near impossible to find what you need
  • you are likely to double buy items because you can’t lay your hands on the original (expensive new passport, anyone?)
  • you will waste serious amounts of time, and no doubt be frustrated
  • you may feel overwhelmed and defeated.

Sorting will help your cause, and it’s not really that tricky.  Just follow my guidelines below.
You will need enough space to make piles of items, but if you prefer, cardboard boxes (temporary) can work well too.  Depends on the size of the stuff you are sorting out.

So, scoop out what’s shoved under the beds in the kid’s room, fetch those boxes of ‘scoop and dump” from the spare room, get started on the bottom drawer of your filing cabinet.

Here’s some tips to help sort the mess out:

  • Have a helicopter view. Think bigger picture, just group into genres for now. Whatever categories make sense to you is best. Books, CDs, memorabilia, clothes, toiletries, etc. You can create sub categories in your next sort (I call it a second pass), for example books can then be sorted into reference, travel, art, novels, biographies etc.  I also call this fine tuning.
  • Forget “storage solutions” eg containers, boxes, shelving, baskets, drawers etc. This is not the time. Later is.
  • Set yourself an achievable goal. “I’m going to sort out the entire office!” may set you up for failure, versus “I’m going to sort the washing basket of scoop and dump”. Be specific.
  • Stay focused. Don’t return items to other parts of your home or office until you have a number of items good to go.

Get to it. Saturday is the perfect day to sort! You can do it!


3 responses to “Routines that work: “Saturday sorting”

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Our biggest problem is that when we sort stuff, we have nowhere to put it. Partly because we have a small house and partly because we don’t have defined spots for things.

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