Routines that work! “Friday Finish”

IMGP0379Friday, end of the week, beer o’clock (that’s assuming you work Monday to Friday! )

So, Friday Finish is the name of the game.

  • Finish your filing.
  • Finish fixing something that’s broken.
  • Finish hemming those trousers.
  • Finish labelling the last batch of digital photos you downloaded.
  • Finish the almost done craft project, blog post, invoicing, bank reconciliations.

I’m sure you have a bit to choose from (I do), and it’s ok that Friday Finish can happen SUPER REGULARLY!

Tips to help you Finish:

  • Starting to finish something is better than not starting at all.
  • If your finish is a project, break it down into tasks and complete a task each Friday.
  • If you task or project has been hanging on too long, consider making it a Thursday Throw!
  • Overwhelmed?  Just. focus. on. one. thing.
  • You may need more than one crack at finishing some tasks!  That’s perfectly ok. If it’s any consolation, one project, my gian t scrabble tiles, took me NINE YEARS AND EIGHT MONTHS. Seriously.

Scrabble freakin finished


3 responses to “Routines that work! “Friday Finish”

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  2. As a champion procrastinator, I’ve recently started using the Pomodoro technique. The concept is pretty simple – break down what you need to do into tasks, then set a timer for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, you earn a 5 minute break. Every 4 sets, you earn an hour break.

    Psychologically I find it much simpler to tell myself “it’s only 25 minutes” rather than “I have to sort and shred the last 5 years of filing”.

    • Hey Anne, didn’t you win a medal for procrastination back in 2007? (Kidding!)

      I LOVE that you’ve explained the Pomodoro Technique so simply – thank you! I actually read the whole entire book and it got a bit boggy, but I know others will appreciate your breakdown. So glad it works for you!

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