Routines that work! “Thursday Throw”

Thursday Throw. You’re welcome.

11 things you can discard today @ work11 things you can discard today @ home


9 responses to “Routines that work! “Thursday Throw”

  1. This is so relevant and funny for me to read this today. I just said to my husband last night “I think it might be time to chuck out the Uni notes” – we did finish Uni 15 years ago I think it is time!

  2. great tips! i find excess stationery extremely hard to get rid of though. My colleague has the same problem coz she showed me a drawer full of (read: unutilised) stationery…lol… Just to comment on old plastic bags: over in Singapore and neighbouring countries, we use them alot but we keep them for trash and just getting wet stuff like umbrellas and what have you, so they’re very handy and necessary over here. seldom chuck them without reusing them 1-2x.

    • Thanks Tracy! We also use plastic bags for rubbish and so on, but it’s when there are sooooo many that they couldn’t possibly all be used again that it’s sometimes healthy to clear the cache. Oh, Asian stationery is the best! When living in Hong Kong as a 13 year old, I was just IN LOVE with all the cute Japanese pens and pencils… delicious!

  3. When I decluttered my stationery, pens etc I was working for a charity and I took them all to work and snuck them into the stationery cupboard. There was such a mish-mash of stuff in there I’d be surprised if anyone noticed.

    We also used to reuse padded envelopes so I would bring in my used ones too.

  4. Lissane, I like how you use an info graphic to illustrate (what seems like anyway) a complicated idea! Excellent value you are providing your readers and clients!

    John aka OrganizingLA

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