Routines that work! “Washing Wednesday”

Oh how I LOVE water based chores! LOVE LOVE LOVE! (lucky me, means I’m always on top of the washing).

But I’m not so keen on the whole putting clothes away thing (or dusting).
Remember, washing, like many other projects, can be broken down into a number of different tasks: gather, sort, wash, dry, fold, iron.  It’s easy to think washing is just putting it into the machine: wrong.  Complete the cycle each time before starting a new load and you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

Washing tips to help you get organised:

  • Have a default load for the washing machine, so items can go straight in.  For example, darks/colours could be your default load, whites separate, delicates separate, towels separate.  When your default load is full, get the machine to do your dirty work.
  • If you don’t have a regular routine, make Wednesday the day you give all the washing your full attention.
  • Never let your washing grow beyond 6 loads!  If you get to 6 loads, complete a load a day until you catch up. 6 loads or more means a trip to the laundromat so you can catch up quickly.
  • Use the TV ad breaks (a whole 3 minutes!) to fold, put away etc. Family can put away their own clothing, and one of the kids can put away towels and linen.
  • It goes without saying that you need a small container for pocket items (receipts, coins, tickets, etc) and a second small bag or basket for lost socks.
  • If you hate ironing, outsource it!  Have some collect and deliver your ironing for a month as a trial run… you may never go back.

7 responses to “Routines that work! “Washing Wednesday”

  1. I have started to look at washing as the full circle and it’s made a huge difference. I fold as I take it off the line then try and put it away straight away so it doesn’t build up. One day for washing doesn’t work for me with a child, however, if I do a load most days I keep on top of it.

    • Agreed that washing can certainly be done more than once a week! Washing Wednesday can work well as a fall back position for peeps with no routine at all 🙂 Glad full circle works for you, Jodi!

  2. I do all the washing for our family, but I refuse to put away other people’s clothes. I leave it, folded & sorted, on their bed. If I put it away, it’s like it never happened & the task will be taken (more) for granted.

  3. I have trug buckets in the laundry which I use to sort as I go – lights, darks, colours, delicates… Whenever one is full I do that load, and don’t need to waste time sorting the whole lot.

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