Routines that work! “Tidy up Tuesday”

I am a compulsive putter awayer.  Most of the time.

So when I do leave things out, like when I’m working on a half baked project, or I’ve been busy or lazy, the times comes to tidy up.  Tuesday feels like the perfect day to do that!

But first, let’s get some clarity on neat versus organised (from my bestselling book)

Let me differentiate between neat and organised as people often confuse the two.

String before

String after

Neat – can be defined as visual order

Organised – can be defined as efficient order.

Tidying up is the process of putting things away, creating order. Tidying up means items have a home.

Tidy up Tips:

  • Tidy up does not equal “scoop and dump”.  Scoop and dump = not properly dealt with.
  • If you haven’t got home for things, tidying up can be challenging.  At the very least, homeless items should be collected in genres (like items) so you can find them again.
  • Keep your focus in one room at a time.  For example, when you are in your office, and have items to return in the kitchen, keep them gathered near your office door until you have a batch of them to move.  Helps keep your focus and work efficiently.
  • Make: Don’t put it down, put it away! your mantra on other days of the week.
  • Kids need to take responsibility for their own belongings.  Why are you picking up after them?

What works for you when it comes to being tidy?


9 responses to “Routines that work! “Tidy up Tuesday”

  1. I would rather leave something out til I know how best to store it so I can find it again, than cram it into a drawer or box somewhere just to hide it. My partner is Mr Dashnstash. He doesn’t care where you put it, so long as you can’t see it. That’s how things get “lost”: once you have stashed something like that you may as well have thrown it out since you won’t know where to look for it when you need it and will probably forget you even own it. I try to take a laundry basket with me when I straighten up rooms and toss homeless things in it. They either get put away when I get to other rooms or stay in the basket til I can work out how to store them somewhere sensible.

      • Thanks Lisanne. I used to do the dash and stash for years myself but got sick of having to clear crap out of every hiding place every few months. I must admit it still happens a bit with papers but i am a writer so i accumulate a lot of paper and hide it all in an archive box when it gets too much or the baby starts chewing on it. I need a new basket – my usual one was filled with toys one day so it became a toy basket for the loungroom.

  2. It’s funny now I think about it. Tuesday night when I lived on my own was generally clean the bathroom night. For whatever reason, my nrg levels were better, and it just seemed like a good idea to clean down the bath! Of course it was also Gil Grissom (CSI) night, so no surprise I don’t clean the bathroom on Tuesdays anymore. 😀

  3. I love this series! Thank you! I read another great tip the other day- if it takes less than a minute, do it. If you don’t, all those short, one- minute tasks add up to a whole lot of time.

    • Yay! Glad you like the series, Germana! Agreed that the little tasks are best done then and there (unless they are distracting you from ‘real’ projects and better spent stuff).

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  5. I understand the idea that children need to be taught to tidy-up after themselves and I always try to teach my children to do that, but I must say that very young children can not be expected to keep their rooms spotless. It takes them a long time to learn this skill. And you can’t expect kids to be able to tidy a room that is completely disorganised to begin with. If you have set it up properly, then they can help maintain it to that standard. So unfortunately, that means picking up after them to some degree. I think it’s impossible to avoid that completely.

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