Routines that work! “Money Monday.”

Routines REALLY help you stay organised. You know what to expect and you know you’ve allowed time for chores or tasks that you might put off, and off, and off.

Money Monday  is the perfect way to start the week.  Most of us don’t like managing finances but the more you embrace this routine, the easier you’ll find the job.


Here’s some more tips to get you started:

  • Focus on gathering paperwork, paying bills, and filing anything to do with finances.
  • Remember to check and empty your wallet, car, pockets, bedside drawer etc.  Gather up all the receipts and proof of purchase you can find.
  • Finish, forward, file, flick all your Money Monday papers.
  • REMEMBER to also print out any invoices that have been emailed (if you don’t want to print them, that’s fine, just make sure you have a system for marking them as paid!)
  • If you run a business: use business hours for business bookkeeping and use after hours for personal accounts.
  • Behind in your tax paperwork? Make sure you have no interruptions whatsoever until you catch up!
  • Setting a timer or promising yourself a reward can make a big difference.

What do you always (or never do on a Monday?) I’d love to know what works and what doesn’t.

(and tomorrow, I’ll give you some suggestions for Tuesday!)


9 responses to “Routines that work! “Money Monday.”

  1. I try not to have any appointments on a monday because I know my track record of forgetting (even using every available device to remind me) is unusually high after the weekend! Play to your habitual strengths ladies and gents

  2. Ahhh, I LOVE my Monday routine. It’s laundry night – who says you have to do it on the weekend?

    Added bonus – once I’m done, I sneak into bed early – usually get there about 930? This gives me permission to indulge in reading my book for an hour at least – feeling virtuous cuz after all, I have just finished all the laundry!

    (This might not work if you have kids and a never ending pile but it does work for a single gal)

    (Being organized means all finances are done once a month – on the 20th. And yes, I have a designated spot where all bills are put. I’ve been doing that for years and it works really well. Now taxes…. Well, that’s an entirely different story!!!

    Sent from shirls iPhone 🙂

  3. I have a reminder to pay bills at 7.45pm every second and fourth Monday of the month. I figure at that time wash-up up and general chores are done and its still early enough so that when I get the bills sorted I have some me time.

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  5. My concern over the massive volumes of paper we all generate has led me to use more electronic filing which is backed up nightly.
    With emails, having set up mailboxes and folders within these (family, friends, business, shares, travel, house and garden) I find it’s most effective to file invoices, share statements, travel bookings and such only after I have paid and/or processed them in our accounting software. It’s simple, acts as a deterrent to a burgeoning inbox and it works.
    On the desktop, rather than printing out bank reconciliations, bookkeeping reports, recipes – in fact all sorts of stuff -of which I used to make hard copies – I am saving to electronic files.
    As I have learnt from Lissanne, the foundation is taking the time to create a workable filing system, just as with hard copies, and regularly cull what you no longer need.

  6. For incidental business expenses that I need to claim back (such as parking) I enter the expense claim straight away. I use Xero (cloud-based accounting software) which allows me to record the expense on my phone immediately. That way there’s no wading through piles of receipts later – it’s already been recorded, and I can pop the receipt straight into a folder when I get home.

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