Christmas cards from “all their staffs”

Just a reminder re the Christmas cards people, if you haven’t already, it’s time to take them down and sort them out! Or, to go through the cache from years gone by (I know you have them). You might find the following helpful. It’s an extract from Lessons in Letting Go – Confessions of a Hoarder by Corinne Grant. I did an organising session with her a little while ago, and here’s what she has to say about Christmas cards:

Lessons in Letting Go

I expected this diminutive woman to start berating me at any moment for letting my life get so out of control, but instead she looked at the desk, listed off the order of tasks for clearing it, and then, before I really knew what was happening, we had the drawers out and on the dining table and Lissanne was throwing things into a bin.

‘There’s a system for getting rid of things,’ she said as we worked. ‘It’s either legitimate paperwork that you need for business reasons, it’s something that needs to be actioned, it’s truly precious, or,’ and here she looked me directly in the eye, ‘it’s rubbish.’  She looked at the stack of old Christmas cards in front of her. ‘This is rubbish.’

I had kept every greeting card ever sent to me. I had cards from parents, relatives, best friends, old employers, hairdressers and real estate agents. I had wanted to get rid of them, but it felt sort of evil to throw out other people’s best wishes and heartfelt messages. This was what had been holding me back with the paperwork. It wasn’t that I couldn’t let go of it, it was that I wasn’t sure I was allowed to. Now Lissanne was telling me I could. I flicked through the cards and laughingly held one up to Lissanne.

‘I guess it says a lot about how little I cook when my local Chinese restaurant send me a Christmas card from “all their staffs”.’


7 responses to “Christmas cards from “all their staffs”

  1. Traditionally, all the Christmas decorations should come down on 6 January, which is the ’12th day of Christmas’ (as in the song). It helps me to have a fixed day when to pack it all away.

  2. My Christmas tree is twinkling with its merry lights tonight, as it has been for a while! My excuse is that I put it up barely in time for Christmas; it was hectic. Now I can enjoy it. But, the boxes are down from the roof, ready to dismantle Christmas, hopefully before Shrove Tuesday.

  3. You know what? It’s that card I would keep! All the generic cards I would toss, but “all their staffs” would make me lose it every single time. I know when I find it, I’m certainly keeping the permanent toilet pass my senior maths teacher gave me. 😀 (Yes, we had to have leave passes for the toilet!!)

  4. I confess my Christmas decos are still up, I just love Christmas and I love decorating my whole home inside and out, so always struggle when it is time to put everything away again, but I have resolved to start this week, as for Cards I am very sentimental and lost my father as a young teenager so I feel very ‘precious’ about cards that I have received from my lovely husband, great friends and my adult children, I do recycle the ones that just say Dear Jackie from ….. but can’t bear to dispose of the really good ones so I have a small box that I keep the special ones in and I am happy with that, but I am sorting through a lot of other rubbish stuff thanks to Lissanne.

    • Sounds like you’re doing ok! I think it’s fine if you resonate with a particular holiday and “break the rules”. I say, go for it!

      So glad that you’re doing well on other fronts too, Jackie – keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. That reminds me… I got great joy out of living in rental properties and getting random cards for ex tenants every year. The one I enjoyed most was something along the lines of “looking forward to seeing you soon”. Really??? You don’t have this persons current address (and I’d lived there for a few years!), you’re not going to see this person ever again, in all likelihood! One card at my old address was for people who had long since moved away (I knew them, briefly). The place had been a rental for FIVE years before my Mum bought it!

    (There was no return address on them, that’s why I opened them. I’m one of those people who actually writes “return to sender” on mail not for me AND drops it in the post box! What is with that anyway? Cards with no return address? Assuming I can read your handwriting and did want to send you one in return, how do I know YOU haven’t moved? The mind boggles. Telepathy? Pre facebook, obviously.)

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