Happy discardia everyone!

Happy Discardia everyone! Discardia is the brain child of Dinah Sanders. Dinah says it’s about:

Letting go of everything that doesn’t make your life awesome!

With three key principles and numerous practical tips, Discardia—a new holiday—helps you solve specific issues, carve away the nonsense of physical objects, habits, or emotional baggage, and uncover what brings you joy.

I’ve enjoyed reading Dinah’s e-book, Discardia: it’s fresh and articulate way of defining and moving on the things, thoughts and feeling that hold you back. And it’s the unbelievable price of USD $2.99.  Make room for awesome!

Discardia Banner

This is the banner I made from old magazines.

Top of my Discardia list is letting go of gluttony: the need to eat when I’m not always hungry. I do love my food and drink, but it’s not really a great choice.  I’m a bit porkier these days, and as I’m 45 next birthday, it’s crucial I keep looking after my health a bit more.

What could you consider letting go of this Discardia?


3 responses to “Happy discardia everyone!

  1. Excellent! I love this — I’m pretty good with letting things go but think I could join you with discarding my love of rich food and drinks!

  2. Hooray! Happy Discardia!

    Remember the Quality Over Quantity aspect of Discardia; you don’t have to start with trying to fight against something that you love, just shift to getting really picky about where you spend those calories. Becoming a snob can really cut down your consumption—I’m serious!—and make it easier to pass up that bowl of mundane snacks in favor of something worth savoring. When you take your time with eating and drinking, appreciating each mouthful, your body has time to signal you that you’re full before you’ve eaten yourself stuffed. Also consider moving your focus toward wonderful things to eat and drink that are actually good for you. For example, I’ve become a huge fan of chopped salads with fresh, local ingredients and really really great olive oil.

    Most of all, when changing habits around consumption (whether eating, drinking, shopping, or otherwise acquiring), keep tuning into what’s going on with you when you gorge. Is there really something else you’re needing to feed yourself that you haven’t been? Sleep, perhaps? Quiet time? Appreciation? Creative play time? Watch for what would really nourish you most.

    • Fantastic consumption tips, Dinah! I too love quality over quantity in my home, but I had not thought to apply that to the food and drink I consume. And the word nourish really strikes a cord with me. I do nourish my space, but maybe not my self enough. Thank you!

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