Success Stories

As I wrap up my working year, I’m seeing some regular clients for the last time until 2013.  Today, I received a beautiful card from <name withheld to respect privacy>. Her words made me feel really good, and thrilled I get to have a job helping people and fixing problems.  I wanted to share it with you, and also ask YOU, what have been your wins this year with organising and decluttering?  What have you conquered, gotten better at, made changes around, or simply found a whole lot easier?  Share the love below!  Bring on your positive stories, tips or methodologies 🙂lovely note


3 responses to “Success Stories

  1. Tidying takes less time than you think it will. Things are easier to dispose of (to charity, or the bin) because I know I am making space and have less to look after. I would rather give than receive. You can do lots of things while watching tv, including sorting out a drawer.

  2. Don’t see everything you need to go through and sort as one big project. Break it up into areas- be that a corner of a room or just one drawer. It’s much more manageable, as well as encouraging- to do it that way. Also, get rid of whatever you don’t want asap so you can see the immediate rewards.

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