Stocking Stuffers from Stoxbox

Stoxbox Drawer Before

Stoxbox Drawer Before

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to best store their stockings, I’d have at least fifteen bucks.  And fifteen bucks is all it will cost you to score this nifty new Australian designed product, Stoxbox.

Stoxbox Drawer After Summer

Stoxbox Drawer After

Cleverly designed to store and display your stockings, pantyhose and leggings, the edges (inside and out) are smooth and won’t cause snags. Easy to use, they line up very neatly and look pretty damned sexy.

Available in store and online at DJs, a pack of three costs is currently on sale for AUD$39.

UPDATE:  21.1.13
I don’t think the above three pack special is running anymore, but DJs are retailing one Stoxbox for $10.46 instead of $14.95

StoxboxI think they’re a brilliant investment for anyone who appreciates looking after their clothes – stockings can be expensive, and there’s nothing more frustrating that not being able to find the pair you want when getting ready. Or worse, finding an expensive pair damaged.

Would you like to score one to try?  I thought so!  All you need do is post your entry below, telling me what your favourite stockings are and why (if you want to win for someone else, simply tell me what stockings they wear that you love!)  I have three to giveaway.

Rules and conditions:

  • Only one entry per person please.
  • Entries close 11:59AEST Friday 21st December.
  • Winner selected at random on Saturday 22nd December.
  • If you are drawn as a winner, we will contact you by email.  You will have 48 hours to get back to us, or your prize will be redrawn.
  • You may enter from anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must mention stockings!

Good luck, and remember, this could be the ultimate stocking stuffer!


18 responses to “Stocking Stuffers from Stoxbox

  1. Wow these look brilliant! Just what I need to organise my drawer that currently looks pretty much exactly like your ‘before’ pic! My favourite stockings regardless of how pretty they are on my legs, must have a no-waist waistband, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the give away!

  2. My favourite stockings are flesh-coloured fishnets. They’re versatile, subtly glamorous and cool-but-covering during Summer.

  3. um, I was excited about this product when I thought the stoxbox was the drawer itself, but $15 (sorry $13 on sale) per little cube? Eesh, no thanks, I’ll stick to rolling them up separately and if necessary storing different types in smaller boxes from Ikea.

    • Hey Nicola, I agree that the product may seem pricey, but I’m guessing the cost may have some manufacturing considerations. Injection moulded plastics (the process by which containers are generally made) leave a seam, and as a result, lots of tiny, sharp edges. So while your IKEA boxes might work fine, I really hope they don’t snag your expensive tights 🙂

      • Hi Nicola,
        Lissanne has explained it perfectly. We have tried very had to keep the costs down but manufacturing this product is not cheap. It is made from the same plastic as Lego (so it should last a lifetime) and as Lissanne explained we have made it completely smooth which require care and effort during manufacturing, in essence it is very tricky to make. To manufacture it completely smooth is a very complicated process with complicated tooling. We have also opted to make it a quality product, a wardrobe investment that should last you a lifetime. The benefit of our product over an Ikea solution is ours is the only one in the world that let you see the patter, denier or leggings and store them at the same time. We currently also have a patent to prove it’s uniqueness. The other thing to also consider we are a completely new, small company based in Melbourne. We are not Ikea with Ikea mass capabilities. Each and every box is hand checked to make sure it complies with our high standard of quality. As Lissanne said our product will not snag your hosiery. For people who love patterned tights, leggings and all hosiery we sincerely believe this it the ultimate way to see and store. Hopefully getting better value from your hosiery as you can now see what you have, this makes putting outfit choices together much easier. This is the reason I invented this product. I purchased a patterned I already owned, yet had never worn, because I couldn’t see it when it was rolled into a ball. We hope this helps answers your question regarding price and quality.

  4. You can never go wrong with black stockings, as long as you own every design on the market! A great wardrobe staple for the whole year round (as long as you can find the ones you actually want to wear in your drawer!)

  5. My favourite winter tights are Leona Edmiston 60D Luxury Opaques. Feel great, wash up well and durable, 2 pairs got me through winter this year.

  6. I don’t think they are too expensive if you have stockings that cost a lot to buy in the first place, it would be fun to buy a couple and then add to the collection as money permits. A little luxury goes a long way (as in the hosiery and these cute little stoxboxes)!

  7. I like any black stockings with a pattern, preferably symmetrical pattern. I sound ordered don’t I. Cognitive dissonance at work!! All I want for xmas is order amongst the chaos. Have a great xmas Lissanne and sorted crew.

  8. You can’t go past a plain black semi sheer stocking as it goes with just about everything for work purposes. After searching for solutions to messy bags and stockings with snags, I was very pleased to stumble across this Australian product. As Jenni Baxter highlighted when you spend money on quality stockings, you might as well invest in their storage so you get your monies worth 🙂

  9. I work in an office environment. Although I don’t deal with clients or the public on a daily basis, wearing hosiery makes me feel polished and professional. Nude coloured stockings, while perhaps a little conservative, go with all my different coloured skirts and even manage to hide less than perfectly shaved legs sometimes

  10. I try not to wear stockings as I live in a hot climate and life is pretty casual. I have a drawerful of hosiery from my ‘before’ life … here I mostly wear knee-his under pants which looks very professional for work. When I lived in a capital city, I wore stockings all the time because, not only did it look professional, I felt professional and well presented. Stoxbox looks like a very natty invention.

  11. I love my black opaque stockings, wear them year after year for Winter, they do not tear as easily. Love Leona Edmiston brand for opaque tights, they are so soft 🙂

  12. Thanks to everyone for your comments. It was my love of great stockings that lead me to invent the Stoxbox. It is wonderful to hear which stocking you all love too. Thanks also to the amazing Lissanne!

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