Wrap and foil boxes

Foil and wrap boxes

This is cheap and easy and you can do it in a weekend.  Ok, maybe even an afternoon 🙂

A practical and pretty project, it’s a fun one to do with the kids too.

You needn’t have boxes of wrap and foil jammed in a drawer: make them pretty enough to keep on the bench. Finally, foil and cling film can look sexy. There’s no special box to make or buy you simply decorate the original box.

Plus, it makes sense to buy in bulk; a commercial quantity 600 metre roll that will last you years (mine lasted 6 years).  It’s often better quality too.  The price difference is amazing, about 9 cents a metre for a roll from the supermarket, versus 3 cents a metre for the commercial stuff.  Total cost for this project is around $35.

You will need

  • Catering roll of foil
  • Catering roll of cling film
  • Scissors
  • Card -silver or light coloured
  • Paint -black or dark coloured
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush

Step by step

  1. Paint your box in a dark colour. You might want to mask off the metal cutter on the foil box. You’ll probably need to give it two coats.  Allow to dry.
  2. For the cling film box, now attached the plastic cutter (the box itself will give you instructions).
  3. Using this template , trace out the letters onto your silver card stock. The letters are backwards so you can trace and cut on the right side of your card stock.
  4. Stick them on the front of the box using glue.
  5. Enjoy!

Wrap and foil boxes w shadowbox


It’s easy to leave the box on a surface and pull out what you need rather than pick up and handle to box.  If your box slides, use a small blob of blu-tak to secure to the counter to stop it from slipping.wrap it up!

Cheap and easy and you can do it in a weekend


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