Cleaning up your music collection

I don’t know about you, but I have a cache of tracks in iTunes that have been imported without track names. It can be a bit frustrating not knowing what the music is, or who the artist is.  The tracks have saved with the default labels track 1, track 2 etc.  I have a vague idea of the band but no idea of the song titles.  I then realised all I had to do was play the track and use Shazam (music recognition software) that will recognise the tune and tell me the song.  Such an easy fix.

Now we just have that old problem of the CDs, don’t tell me you still use them do you?! ;-p


2 responses to “Cleaning up your music collection

  1. I still use CDs – its the only way I listen to music apart from the radio (“I asked you not to tell me that” – Maxwell Smart). My car isnt that sophisticated, I dont own anything except a CD player, and I dont tend to listen to music at home. Every so often I will go thru my collection, play each and if I no longer like it, I send it to charity. Makes room for others.

  2. Digital at work – because I hate the chatter of the radio, tracks on my phone for when I am out and about and feel like a tune or two, iPod plugged into a dock for music at home, but a CD filled with a MP3 format for the car because until I get a car with better iPhone connectivity its too much hassle to plug in my phone.

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