Our new before and after pages

I need your help please!  I’d love to know which format you prefer for our new Before and After pages.  Ignore the number of images, it’s the format I would appreciate your opinion on.  The choices are:

A.  Slideshow format Paper organising


B.  Gallery Deceased Estate

as soon as I know, I can show you ten years of before and after decluttering photos to inspire you!



47 responses to “Our new before and after pages

  1. I prefer deceased estate – it’s inspiring – the other one is stressful and shows the problem – I think showing the solution/end result is more powerful!

    Janet Berwick

  2. Hi Lissanne, it’s Gallery for me too. Good to see b. and a. side by side. (God I love this whole thing. Must sign up for a course one day!)

  3. Hi,
    The gallery is good, but how about having a hover facility, so that if you hover over each image you can see it a bit larger, without having to go to another page? Great work on these projects. Regards, Liz

  4. Yes, I prefer Gallery, but the “morphing” and “hovering” (or is that mopping and Hoovering – ha!) could be good additions to the Gallery format.

  5. I agree with everyone – side-by-side gallery so you can see both at once and preferably photos taken from same point to give a real result. I do like the morphing idea but probably not an easy option.

  6. Gallery definitely. I’m currently sorting my Mum’s house – not deceased thank goodness but Dad has recently moved into a nursing home and we’re helping her adjust to living alone in a safer and less cluttered home. These photos are an inspiration!

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