Virgin know how to bill

Virgin know how to bill

How clear is this invoice? Virgin have designed a really clear piece of communication – right down to the total amount already being circled for you! Love the simplicity.

If only all companies were as clear with their accounting paperwork.  I’m sure you’ve found it challenging to even find the DATE on an invoice, let alone to make sense of the rest of it.

I dream of all invoices having a mandatory (top right hand corner?) space where the date goes, and/or, which financial year it falls into!  What are your thoughts?


9 responses to “Virgin know how to bill

  1. I dont know why bills have to be so unfriendly – bad enough you have to pay them :-). When Virgin did credit cards, their bills would come in with things like “yippee – no need to pay us this month” (or words to that effect – I forget exactly. Made me smile. I struggle to find the due date on some of them, which to me is important.

    • I have a hippy, Louise L Hay approach to bills – I am grateful for each one as it demonstrates my ‘wealth’… I mean this in a Western sense, that I am grateful to live in a place that has power, running water etc.

      I love your Virgin story Robin – yippee indeed!

  2. I’m a Virgin customer (broadband + 2 mobiles) and I can assure you that once you’re past the first page their bills are as much of an shambles as any other. The only reason they need to make page 1 so clear is that the next 9 (to take my most recent statement as an example) is a confusing, possibly un-mathematical maze of subtotals. I’ve given up trying to decipher it.

    They’re great at telling you how much you owe. They’re terrible at explaining why.

    • oh no! I’m not a Virgin customer, and the bill I saw was only two pages. That sucks Max.

      I hate just about all itemised bills as they ALL seem confusing!

      But while we’re on the subject, HOW is it that banks – and I speak of The Commonweath Bank as I am their customer (personal and business) can possibly give me credit card statements with NO running total. That confuses the Bejezus out of me. I have suggested they amend… and they were friendly and nice and said it had also been suggested by others. But I’m sure it’s not top of their priority list. First world problems, hey?!

  3. I think that the worst bills I have seen are the AGL Electricity bills. At the top right corner in a square 5cm x 5cm it has an amount in bold (eg $165.34) then it says that “Since Sept 2007 you’ve received $165.34 in discounts on your AGL electricity bills” (yeah, right……) so when you first see the bill it seems like the amount you owe is $165.34 but sneakily underneath is small font is the actual total amount due which of course is far in excess of the amount of “discounts”. It annoys the hell out of me everytime I see it. : )

  4. Wow, Virgin REALLY know how to bill! At first glance it looks real simple – large numbers, circled amounts. Very very clear. But did anyone notice that the total cost of the bill was $97.79, and then compare it to the Rate Plan quoted for this customer of $49.00. Looks like the extra charges were almost double that of the Rate Plan. Not sure how that equates to a good bill at all 😛

  5. I agree with the comments about the AGL bills! I was so pleased with the small amount I owed then I realised that amount was the ‘discount’ amount I have saved over the years. I was so annoyed I rang them and complained but don’t think AGL was very interested.

  6. Hi Lissanne,
    I agree with the ‘financial year in top right-corner’ suggestion, as I write that myself on top right-corner eg 2012-2013, then underneath the month eg Nov 2012, so when I file away, it is easier to put them in order (or find again!).

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