Love Inkjoy pens!

Thanks to growing up in Adland, I love Pantone Markers and Pentel Sign pens, but maybe not such a sensible choice now I’m no longer a child mucking around in the Creative Department.  I needed an adult choice!  Something that was colourful yet practical, grown up yet fun.

Lucky me, dreams do come true.  I scored a freebie set of the new Paper Mate Inkjoy pens.  The ink is super smooth which makes writing a breeze!  They are pretty damned sexy.

  • They come in a range of gorgeous, vibrant colours (thank god there’s no yellow) including black, blue, red, green, orange, turquoise, magenta brown and my SORTED! favourite, lime.  I have been InkJoying on everything and LOVING the cheerful change of palate.
  • I also love that they feature a triangular grip for comfort and control.
  • They have a medium point, perfect for all scribing.
  • Best of all, these expensive feeling pens are super affordable – a mere 45c each or RRP$4.49 10pk.

The kind PaperMate peeps are offering SORTED! readers the chance to win one of 3 packs of ten InkJoys.

All you need to do is to post your comment below letting me know what your favourite or most memorable childhood stationery item  (I can think of HEAPS!).

Rules and conditions:
•Only one entry per person please.
•Entries close 5pm AEST  Friday 30th November.
•Winner selected at random on Saturday 1st December.
•You may enter from anywhere in the world.
•Entries must mention their favourite or most memorable childhood stationery item.

Good luck – and feel free to spread the word with others – anyone can enter.


34 responses to “Love Inkjoy pens!

  1. My absolute favourites were the big packets of texta colours that Santa brought me every Christmas- by New years day the pink and orange ones were already shaggy with use. Those were the days!

  2. Cannot go past the smelly pens. I don’t know the brands, but the ones that came in cute pastel colours and the ink would small of strawberry, grape, lemon and other artificially fruity flavours. I am sure I wanted to lick the paper on many occasions. And sad as it may be, i still have some from 30 years ago that i cannot bear to part with…and they still work!

  3. My all time favourite was a small rubber (eraser!) in the shape of a piano. Of course, it was far too good to be used… and now has been lost. Quite possibly a message in this memory, really!

  4. I really liked the introduction of Oil Pastels. Their vibrant colors and smoothness was really appreciated after the chalkiness and dull colors of the other type of pastels.

  5. My favourite stationery item was actually a big bunch of brochures and blank forms I had collected. I used to sort them and kept them in a cardboard fruit box. I had a string handle on the box and used to drag it around playing “newsagent”. I not exactly sure why I did that, but I sure loved all those brochures.

  6. I don’t know if I could choose one! I have always been a stationery addict. I had a rubber collection, always wanted the largest size possible set of pencils and textas, the prettiest colour pens! I used to love the Metallic colours in the pencil sets, oh and those colour change markers were great fun! Smelly pens were the be all and end all of textas and then when scented biros came out, I was in heaven…We could write and colour our assignments to smell divine and if we were really lucky the teacher might have given us a scratch and sniff sticker as a reward 🙂

  7. My favourite would have to be my pencil case that had the space for you to put your name in the little plastic slits. I think it was because all my friends had one and I had only the boring tartan one. When I finally got one and could put my name in it I was over the moon!

  8. My favourite stationary item would have to be the scented ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers…..from chocolate to banana to pizza to strawberry and so many more, they were so much fun, and provided many hours of conversation and fun!!

  9. I have very fond memories of the amazingly scented ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers that provided lots of laughs and fun…..from banana to chocolate to pizza and popcorn, the weird and wonderful!!!!!!

  10. I had a rather large collection of Flair pens. They were markers and came in lots of colors. I remember a school folder that had a design for you to color in. At some point, the ink would bleed on my skin and clothes but I kept it anyway. Now I have a rather large collection of extra fine point Sharpies. I love looking at all the colors.

  11. I think back to the days of getting my school stationery pack before school started each year. Opening the box was always preceded by great anticipation of what new goodies were in there. Then i would open the box – it always had a specific smell – the smell of new paper, new plastic, and beautifully untouched stationery. probably sounds a bit wierd, but might explain why I now own a stationery company. Lissanne, you are right. Ink Joy pens are lovely to use. Have you tried the Ink Joy 700? That’s my favourite.

  12. Mine would have been one of the multi colour pens – I remember they had 10 colours in the one pen with a huge chunky case around all the different ink colours – you just had to change at the top (they were far more special than the 4 colour pens …. they had more interesting colours!). They were all the craze about 30 years ago when I was in primary school.

  13. Oh wow there are so many to choose from and many above have mentioned a few that have been memorable to me. My favourite would have to be the clear lead pencils that had about 6 mini refills in them with a cute pattern on the cover. The best was when it came in a little set and you would get the matching rubber and case with it 🙂

  14. I have to mention a few of my own… Bic four colour pens (new when I was about 10 years old), ANYTHING cute and Asian (I was privvy to these brands before they hit Australia thanks to frequent visits to Hong Kong) and coloured textas and oil pastels… the smell!!!

  15. My most memorable stationary item as a child were triangular pencil holders that helped me write. I had trouble writing as a little child and for years had me on my pencils. It has translated in adulthood to preferring big chunky pens

  16. My aunt visited when I was a kid (the single, childless one with seemingly lots of money) and she gave me some money and we went shopping (no doubt my brother and I). With the money she gave me I bought a vinyl padded, magnetic Smurf pencil box. Despite the fact that I am something of a hoarder, I don’t have it anymore. And it was such a beauty too. :’-(

    Why this, of all things, sticks out to me from childhood, I have no idea, but I’d love to have it back.

  17. I loved my super big colouring-in book – and the mega pack of textas that went with it. I think it is still hidden away in my ‘treasure’ box in my parents roof!

  18. paper clips, cos we bit on them to bend them into love heart shapes and slipped them onto the collars of our school dresses. The plastic coated ones were best cos they were in pretty colours.


    Justin, Jodi and Elaine, congratulations and a big thank you to all who entered.

    Feel free to continue sharing your memories here, this is a fun discussion!

  20. I still remember the first textas. The colours were pretty boring, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black. When the new colours came out I promised my Dad to eat soup at every meal so he would buy me a box of 12. I didn’t like soup at that time, but even if there was none on my Mum’s menu that day I would ask for it!!!

  21. Elaine, one of our winners, wrote me to say:
    “I picked up my parcel from the P.O. today. As I was opening the parcel I felt like I was opening a Christmas present. Loved the color of the wrapping paper – a lovely lime green. AND Thank you for the pens. They are a joy to write with, that is for certain – to say nothing of the lovely colors. Those pens are great to write with, they are so comfortable to hold, too. I gave one to a visitor today, and she agreed.
    Thank you, thank you.”

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