Wish and Win

WISH you could be more organised?

You could WIN a $100 voucher from SORTED! organising & decluttering.

It’s super easy to enter.  Simply post a comment below telling me how you’d spend your voucher with us.  Perhaps you’d like to…

If you need more info or ideas, check out our webstore.

Rules and conditions:
•Only one entry per person please.
•Entries close 11:59AEST Wednesday 31st October 2012. extended til Friday 2nd November
•Winner selected at random on Thursday 1st November 2012. Saturday 3rd November
•You may enter from anywhere in the world.
•Entries must mention a product or service on offer from SORTED!

If you are the lucky, lucky winner, we won’t hold you to the answer you entered, you may change your services or product selection.  How good is that?

Good luck – and feel free to spread the word with others – anyone can enter.


63 responses to “Wish and Win

  1. ha, ha- Lissane- I am certainly wishing, wonder if that will help me win! Is the answer allowed to be ‘any of the above’…oh yeah, except perhaps point 7 (is it possible for someone to go from a complete organisational disaster to one who helps other people?). I’d be keen on a workshop, I reckon. Thanks for a fun and generous giveaway, sigh, I wish it was as easy as just wishing to be more organised…

  2. Hmm how would I spend your voucher? I’m yet to read your book (incredible I know) and I just know it contains the secrets I need unlocked to help me with one or two projects I have been putting off.

    The rest of the voucher would be used so I could spread the organising love with my readers and give them your best selling book for Christmas x

    Best x

  3. a bit like Tanya above … everything except the training! Actually what I would really really like is for a whole day session at my house, to get a big kick start in decluttering and organising

  4. I would love to win the $100 to go towards your training to become a Professional Organiser!

  5. I actually think one of you needs to come live here for a week or two and just stop to sleep occasionally! With two small children I feel like I never make any headway. If I do it just gets gobbled up again! I think I’d choose 1 or 2 above… Or maybe your book which I might manage to read and implement sometime this century….

  6. Oh boy, what I wouldnt give to have someone help me organise my home office where I run our family business! For someone who is usually very organised, it’s a mess of paper and filing!

  7. Your book… I need your book. I used to own a copy of your book but I lent it to my sister who is trying to get organised but I fear I have no hope in getting it back.

    Seriously, if I won, I’d be looking for help with how to get my mother’s affairs sorted. She has early dementia and I’ve been appointed her power of attorney. She’s coping ok now but there will be a time when I need to take over and I’m still not sure of what I will need to keep etc.

  8. I’d get my paperwork sorted, or get comics for the kids so that they don’t let their paperwork get as bad as mine!!

  9. I would definitely put the $100 voucher towards the Professional Organiser Training Unit 1. After spending so many years helping friends and family to sort out their clutter and have a big cleanse, I think it’s finally time to take it to the next level. Thanks Lissanne!!

  10. Thanks Lissane, a sorting workshop sounds fun – social and productive (if only I lived in Melbourne)!

    Corinne’s book is a good read (even if it was an unsigned copy) – I cried and I laughed – and I got some really useful ideas from your book (of course).

    NB: You’ve a typo in the website description of the workshop: Bring you (sic) unsorted paperwork, photos, memorabilia, craft supplies, receipts, study notes, recipes etc for a fun sorting workshop.

  11. Hi Lissane, as an extremely busy Mum of five, and just starting to work 8 hours a week myself, I find the ‘paperwork’ mounts up, so would love some help with tackling that big issue. I have a spike for receipts, but they seem to stay there an awful long time, as well as the bank statements and many other financial bills, school/kinder/occasional care fees, etc…There is just SO much paperwork with 7 of us!!!!

  12. Mine sounds simple enough, but it’s likely to be tough on everyone – I need help to learn to let go. I have a lot more than I need, and want to pare down and feel less cramped in an uncluttered space, but struggle – not with what to let go, or how to get rid of it, but how to mentally motivate myself to ‘just do it’ and feel good about it.

  13. I would like someone to help me with decluttering, there are 3 of us (my husband, me and my baby), we all sleep in one room, then the other 3 rooms are filled with goodness knows what. Our house is such an embarrassment that we never have visitors over

  14. I would like someone to help me with decluttering, there are 3 of us (my husband, me and my baby), we all sleep in one room, then the other 3 rooms are filled with goodness knows what.

  15. I would love to simplify and finally get our house/life organised. I’ve moved 3 times in the last 3 years and it’s hard to get things under control. Merging households also makes things difficult. If I can get on top of everything, it will finally leave time for all the projects I’d like to be doing but feel too guilty to start!

  16. Having moved out of home for the first time I would use is voucher to buy your book and put the rest towards a visit. I had taken for granted all the things my parents had kept organised…. Bills, receipts, medical records and all the odds and ends I just don’t know where to begin and importantly end….would love some help from the expert 🙂

  17. Ooh how do I choose?! Any/all options would be excellent: I’d love to do your training to become an organiser but I have a new little bubba that keeps my hands full most of the time. I was sort of organised before she came along, but it’d be great to have some hand-holding to get things back on track now that I work from home and have a mountain of extra stuff to keep under control. But I think that as something that I can keep going back to when I need to get back on track, a copy of your book “Sorted” would be most marvellous.

  18. I could really use your help to sort through and organise numerous drawers and cupboards which are overflowing after being in our house for 9 years. Ultimately I’d like to create enough space to turn one of my cluttered spare rooms into a home office.

  19. I’d put it towards a workshop (if you do one in Canberra) to finally wrangle my paperwork. Your book has the rest of my life humming along but paper still plagues me! I now live the 80/20 rule!

  20. I think I would go with a consultant coming to my home for hands on services to sort the office! Oh, and having you speak at our next business breakfast would be wonderful too 😉

  21. I would love to do one of the professional organiser training units. We have no ‘stuff’ in our house any more as I am constantly decluttering. I need to work on someone else’s stuff now.

  22. I would use the voucher to buy my own copy of “Sorted” as the last copy went to my mum (she REALLY needed it!!) And the comics for my girls (12y & 14y) so i can hopefully stop them becoming emotional clutterers like their mum before it’s too late!

  23. I would love your comics to read together with my beautiful 8 year old daughter, who I am concerned is following in my footsteps and keeps everything and struggles with what to do with it all! I would love your comics to read together. We could do some sorting together and hopefully teach her a wonderful life skill (before she gets as bad as me!). I already have your wonderful book and have read Corinnes book twice! The comics may be kickstart we need to get sorted!

  24. I have terrible trouble with decision making and getting going, so it would be great to have some hands-on help to get over the initial hurdles of prioritising and then following through.

  25. Found out on Monday my partner has bowel cancer. Have spent last couple of weeks trying to reorgansie support services for his father, who has dementia, is living alone, was still driving until last week and has had at least 3 ‘teeny’ TIAs in 10 weeks and won’t move or accept more help. It hasn’t been quite 11 months since my MIL died, and we’re sorting through her things. I jsut need help, I’m so overwhelmed I can’t even begin to think let alone clean my own house.

  26. Wow ! there is so many ideas to use the voucher for…kids toys so kids and i are happy with it and it will stay that way..or the clothes as wardrobes are limited..or …i would be grateful for anything..probably a support person with great ideas…..thanks for the opportunity,,pauline

  27. I would give it to my Mother-in-Law. She downsized two years ago and our garage is still full of things she no longer has room for, but can’t bear to part with and I need my storage space and kids play area back!!

  28. I need lots of help,
    To clear the mess,
    I cant let go of stuff.
    A seminar might be the trick.
    My family have had enough !!! 😦

  29. I would use your awesome voucher towards your Professional Organiser Training unit 1. Nothing like learning from the first and best PO.

  30. I don’t think my last comment posted….. so apologies if you get this twice…… But, there are soooo many of the services you provide that I need…. probably all of them!! So, to pick one, I would put the voucher towards Lissanne to speaking at our next function, so that my friends an collegues would know why I speak so highly of Lissanne, her services and her book ‘Sorted’ in such high regard 🙂

  31. We are moving at the end if the year and the voucher would be great for your services to help us declutter before we move

  32. I’d love to help my Mum get organised – I gave her your book as a gift, but I think she needs some hands-on assistance. My Dad was in an accident a few years ago and she’s now his carer. They really need to downsize to a smaller home, but with DECADES of decluttering to be done, I think it’s really intimidating for her. Hence, having a consultant come and help would be brilliant. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  33. lissanne – any help at all would be great – but especially dealing with the bits and pieces that I don’t love but just can’t seem to pass on!

  34. Lissanne – any help would be great – but especially learning to move things on that I don’t love but seem to have trouble with!

  35. I would spend my voucher on getting my green bags of paper clutter sorted, so I can find all those pesky receipts needed for my tax return!

  36. I’ve been stepping over an important pile of paper to get to my bed for the past 2 months or so and need to reach across a pile of boxes to get at my wardrobe. I started with good intentions for a massive cleanup one weekend but never got past folding the laundry and putting it away. I;ll be asking for lots of help from an expert.

  37. Hi – I’d love to do your workshops. Hope this reply is not too late as the dates are all a bit strange. Also your latest newsletter was emailed 1 November but dated October – not sure if you realised. Thanks! 🙂

    • I know, how weird was that? I sent the newsletter in October, but it arrived in November! I use a newsletter company on the East cost of the USA, so maybe their servers are a bit slow.

  38. I wrote on a piece of paper on Monday my intentions to the universe that I would like to achieve.
    Number 2 – is clean my garage and sort it out once and for all.
    I saw your email this morning at 4.47 – and the heading caught my eye- i opened and saw that there was this competition to fulfil my “Wish List”. I would use the $100 to add to getting someone to help me physically to do the clean out of my garage. Or otherwise I am still a winner when you send your next months newsletter you will have the tips/tricks to clean my garage.

  39. I moved into a new home a year ago, and the garage is still full of boxes!!! I don’t want to just chuck it all out, but I know it needs to be SORTED!

  40. I would love the opportunity to have a member of the Sorted team help me realise a dream! To finally display my special collection of bears – just never can get there – there is just not enough time! 🙂 thank you.

  41. Thanks everyone for your BRILLIANT entries! Great to see so many super ideas on what you need help with. Fingers crossed, ONE of you will win!! I’ll let you know tomorrow.

  42. Any of the prizes on offer would be amazing to win but how do I choose which one? There in lies the problem .Procrastination and indecision my worst ememies!!! We have just moved into our new home after 36 years in our old home. I am drowning in indecision,confronted by boxes
    and no where to put it all.I can’t let go and neither can my husband .The house ,shed and garage are full of our ” treasures” just waiting to be SORTED .Any positive push that will allow us to enjoy our new life in our new home would be a blessing!!

  43. I have never been able to get paperwork organised. I have three filing cabinets, various folders and two drawers full of papers. I have three children and am always looking through papers for their school papers and other documents. Help me please!!

  44. I would love to have my “study” (aka junk room) decluttered and sorted. I ofen have good intentions of starting but find it overwhelming.

  45. I would use the voucher to organise my shed, it is full of my grandpas tools (which were left in a mess) and I have very little room to store my own tools and gardening supplies.

  46. Lissane, I was the very lucky recipient of a signed copy of SORTED for my last birthday, (after my daughter discovered her favourite librarian had a special connection.)
    I am slowly getting to grips with my clutter and feeling the benefits. As a teacher looking for a new career path, I would spend my voucher on your P.O. Training.

  47. I wish that I could sort out all the kindergarten and primary school work that has built up there for my now Year 7 and Grade 5 kids, work through the years of photo’s, starting pre-kids (now 13 and 10 years old), and finally rediscover the couch, desk and ultimately the floor of the office – what a thought!

  48. I wish that I could finally sort through the kinda and primary school work of my now Year 7 and Grade 5 kids, organise the years of photos from pre-kids to now (kids aged 13 and 10) and in the process, rediscover the table, couch and desk in my office, and ultimately find the floor. I wish…….

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