A spoonful of memories: Clever ways with memorabilia

My darling Nanna, Margaret Mary Corcoran, turned 100 years old on September 10th.

In tribute to her brilliant housekeeping and cooking skills, I created this memorabillia display. Here’s how:

  • I flipped a stretched canvas and used the rear of the frame.  Using old greeting cards she’d sent me over the years, I created a “wallpaper”.  Obviously, they were the cards I was happy to tear up, not the super special ones.  Her consistent sign off was “Lots of love, Nanna” so the wallpaper features that heavily.  It also features a message for my 21st and a couple of other significant words.

  • I then mounted her original wooden spoons using wire, and attached her Meals on Wheels Service badges across the top.  Nanna volunteered every Tuesday morning for 42 years at Port Adelaide MOW, retiring at age 94.  I guess someone has to feed the old people!

  • This display hangs at eye level on my “family” wall right next to the kitchen.  It means I can connect with the lovely Nanna memorabilia I have every day!

  • I also have a tray that she used to bake on (also mounted on the wall) and her wooden sugar bowl from Tasmania houses our spare keys.

  • It’s so easy to make, you could use cutlery, inherited jewellery that you don’t wish to wear or any tools of your loved ones trade.  You might also like this lace that I framed, it’s avery simple way to modernise the lace.


5 responses to “A spoonful of memories: Clever ways with memorabilia

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  2. What clever ways to use bits of family memorabilia. So nice to see them appreciated instead of stuffed away somewhere! If anyone is hesitant to use the original items, they could use photocopies instead. The backwards canvas has me thinking of all kinds of treatments….

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