Start ya bastard

I am having the BEST time sorting a garage at the moment.   This morning I found this HILARIOUS problem-solver in a can.

I figured it was a pretty old product, but hey, they still make it.  What a GENIUS product name – really says it all.

What are you having trouble starting?  I’d love to hear.


13 responses to “Start ya bastard

  1. I have seen urine removal spray (designed for when your cat, or someone else’s, sprays a door or wall) called Piss Off, which I thought was neat. Might offend some I guess.

    What do I have trouble starting? At the moment, its me :-). The garden beckons, but I keep putting it off.

  2. I love that when things like cars and boats are running well they get to referred to as female but when they break down they are referred to as male!

  3. I was just scrolling through my blog reader and skim read this…my husband- from over on the couch calls out ‘what’s that one about’ (your post). I said ‘oh, just this product’ (no offence!). He got up, came over and said ‘that’s what I start my tractor with! He has a bloke from Zimbabwee working at the moment and he said ‘x’ loved it the other day when I brought that out- laughed for ages’!!! I was abit shocked- never noticed it before- what do YOU have that? “Yep”- and obviously pretty proud user of it!

  4. Excellent thank you – maybe now I can get my lawn mower started.


    Janet Berwick

    Ps how do I get a password for previous infor such as case studies?

  5. Shame we didn’t know about this product years ago, it would have got used every time my husband mowed! I can still recall all those pulls on the mower’s starter cord… perfect name!!!

  6. My Dad has this and still uses it. I don’t understand why it works, but apparently it does. Such a great name too.

  7. There’s been many times when I wished I had big “man arms” so I could start my lawn mower or whipper snipper. I must have whinged long enough to my Dad about it as he gave me a can of this – I laughed so hard I cried.
    It’s BRILLIANT stuff and the name certainly saves me from saying it so often 🙂

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