Fortune favours the prepared mind

A week or so ago, I heard about Pride of Australia nominee Vanessa Robinson’s tragic story.  Vanessa lived in a rental property and her two young sons died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their heater.  Vanessa survived, and still suffers enormous health issues (and goes without saying, grief and emotional issues too I would imagine).

The tragedy could have been avoided with the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm. I went straight out and purchased one for around $40. I am organising to have our gas heater serviced (never been serviced in the six years I have lived at this address).

Today, on Father’s Day, another tragic story: a father of two, died at his workplace due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  His colleague survived but is seriously ill in hospital. It’s too much to bear, isn’t it?

You can read about the symptoms of poisoning here, but do more than read, take action.  Fortune favours the prepared mind.  Prepare your home or workplace now.  Have your gas appliances serviced. While you’re at it, purchase or replace your fire extinguisher (experts tell me they are usually not worth recharging). If you are a real estate agent or landlord, don’t delay, have alarms installed in your properties ASAP. It makes sense that these alarms should be as common as a smoke alarm.

You might also like to help those who possibly can’t find the extra cash to do either for themselves. It could save lives.

You can read about Vanessa’s initiative, the Chase and Tyler Foundation.  Their goal is to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning, to lobby for law changes that require regular gas heater servicing and to encourage people to buy carbon monoxide detectors for their homes.  You can friend them up on Facebook.  You can donate.

Please share this information on Twitter, Facebook, or by email with your loved ones.  It matters.


2 responses to “Fortune favours the prepared mind

  1. Our gas heater is being serviced tomorrow. Apart from checking for any faults it will run more efficiently and quietly. Had a discussion on this topic recently with my girlfriends.

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