Small space bedside tables

We desperately needed SMALL, I mean, super compact bedside tables. I’ve never done the matchy-matchy thing, rather, have gone for an eclectic look, so for a long time have used a stool as a side table, but I think prior to that I used a wooden crate!  But the problem here is obvious.  No storage for hair ties, lip balm, tissues or even a book.  It was time to revamp.

Finally, in the hope of actually getting some storage, and wanting to change the look of the bedroom (we had just painted) I went on the hunt for bedside tables.  My wish list included a vintage pair we could paint, or a modern, sleek, shiny something.

I trawled the web, I stopped at every second hand store and op shop I passed, I filtered e-Bay listings.  Zip.  Nada.  Where was the perfect solution? Desperation and a strong desire to FIX the problem led me to this….  two IKEA Moppe chests painted the colour of the wall and then mounted.  VERY nice. Add some new lamps and the total cost was under $200.

Bit hard top see from the photo in the final picture, so I included this unpainted shot too.  Note:  removing some of the drawers provides precious shelf space too.

This is a great solution for:

  • a tight space
  • an uncluttered look
  • a small budget
  • compact storage.

It’s cheap and easy and you can do it in a weekend!

Lamps $55 each / Home of Lights

Moppe mini chest of drawers $30 each / IKEA

Paint (existing) $0


6 responses to “Small space bedside tables

  1. Renting and can’t fix things to the wall? Buy 2 and glue them together! And/or add some cheap legs or wheels from hardware!

  2. Savvy with money AND space … Smart woman … It would never have occured to me to remove some of the drawers

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