A simple way to organise photos

We all have photos that are languishing in cupboards, drawers, boxes, under the bed, garage, spare room, or heavens forbid – ON OUR COMPUTERS!

Most of us try and sort in chronological order.  Like Hawaii, December 2009 comes after Lawn Hill National Park, QLD October 2009, which comes after Cairns in August 2009.  Hmmm.  Does the date even matter?  I think not.

Beautiful Hawaii December 2009

I’d like to introduce you to a new way of thinking from Stacy Julian.  She suggests just four categories:

  1. Us (immediate family/partner, pets)
  2. Peeps we love (family, friends, etc)
  3. Places we go (school, holiday, work etc)
  4. The things we do (music, scrap booking, cycling)

Now doesn’t that seem a whole lot more achievable to have four categories rather than trying to be a slave to chronology in there? Of course, there is much more to this system, but check Stacy’s website for online classes, her books and blog posts.

Have you tried this method? Or do you have another technique? I’d love to hear.

PS This one’s for you, Sue!


8 responses to “A simple way to organise photos

  1. I take lots of digital photos. I got them from sim card to computer, to CD (only deleting them off the sim card once they were on CD so there was a backup in the interim). But then I just dated them, and when I was looking for a particular photo, I couldnt find it. I have now labelled each CD with its contents – my place, trails, horses, dogs, sunsets, Floriade, etc. Took a while to do the existing ones, but now I know to do it from now on, it doesnt take long.

  2. I have all the family photos scanned into the computer, it was a labour of love. So that I can now share all the 4000+ photos (yes my family are photo crazy) to family in Canada and around Australia. I still have the originals & have them in order of approximate time i.e. 1980’s, 1990’s that sort of thing to keep it simple in a beautiful white box from Kikki K (love their store). Also culled out all the crappy photos that were dull, not well taken, ugly and duplicates so the huge bundle is now not so big anymore. I now only use my iPhone to take photos and import them into the Mac which sorts out all the sorting for me now. Oh and don’t forget to back up your precious memories, or even put them onto a cloud service if you’d like, like drop box which can link up to multiple devices like tablets, phones and computers so your photos are always with you no matter where you are.

    Jake 🙂

    • Jake, that’s great! And I like that you have the more historical pics still in chronology, that makes sense. Maybe these four categories are best suited to the digital world?

  3. I use Creative Memories Memory Manager for my digital images – because you can save an image to multiple folders, but it’s only on your hard drive once, you can decide which way you want to access the image. Plus it reminds me to back up regularly 🙂 My printed images are in a Creative Memories Power Sort box (or two) and I found that I had two major categories: the first 29 years of my life before kids, and then life with kids! So the first portion I chose to store in groups: holidays, family, friends, work. Once I had kids I opted for chronological storage!

    • I don’t use Creative Memories Memory Manager (I’m an Apple user) but I’ve seen it in action and it’s ACE! And I recommend the CM Power Sort boxes as well, they are ace. Thanks for the reminder, Cathy!

  4. FIL is about to move into supported accommodation, and obviously can’t take all the framed photos currently on his walls with him. He does have a digital photo frame, but thinks of it as a small TV and keeps turning it off hen the program starts to repeat!! This of course is creating problems for us as we try to scan in all the rest of the family photos. With his dementia, he can’t even remember who most fo the peopel are, but he’s lost without the pix with him. Our solution is to try to insert captions on the face of the photos with the names of the people, and hope he’ll at least pay some atention.

    • My Dad has dementia and the labelling with names of people in the photos may not help him but it helps the staff at the aged care facility because they’ll ask “Who’s this?” etc. Good luck … I know how hard it is!

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