Flakiness and its causes

I recently asked a friend what he thought caused flakiness in people. He had many good things to say about the topic, including that he felt those with a creative temperament wore it like a badge of honour. Then he said: “I’ve been guilty of it at times. It usually comes down to three criteria:

  1. Lack of energy
  2. Lack of Interest
    Unworthy of time spent, eg some BBQ somewhere where you’re not obliged to turn up and no real care factor at the either end if you do or don’t
  3. Not compulsory

It really helped me understand why peeps let other peeps down. I thought about my own flakey (or wanna be flakey) times and I thought that the thing I can’t stand the most is being around people I don’t wish to spend time with. eg a big fat obligation due to politeness or awkwardness of invite.

What’s the thing you most flake out of or want to flake out of? What’s ho hum rather than om nom? Taking out the rubbish or dinner with the boss and his wife? Helping clean up after a party or a committee you no longer want to be on? I’d love to hear! Flake away…

…of course, remain anonymous if you wish!



One response to “Flakiness and its causes

  1. My husband’s work Xmas functions ugghh! So boring……I would rather be waxed all over. Our workplace end of year function never has partners invited and we can all just relax and enjoy the time out.

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