Irresistible Storage Solution

I don’t think I’ve seen storage this desirable in years.  I thought I could RESIST until I saw the linings of these nostalgic beauties (yes, my school case was one of these many years ago).  <deep sigh>  Even the names “A unicorn pooped a rainbow” and those GOOOOORRRRGGGGEEEEOOOOUUUUUS train/tram tickets drives me WILD.  WILD I tell you!

Trunk and Orderly is the company who makes these must-have vintage styled cases.  If you read their history you may fall in love with this company a whole lot more; the owner Joel, took an admirable path to his current position.  I love that the craftsmanship of creating these containers had the ability to live on.  So nice.  And how nice that they are located right here, in the beautiful state of Victoria.

What would you store in them? I fancy bedlinens and out of season clothing.  I would also use a baby one for spices in the kitchen and I would probably pack my lunch in one as well.  Maybe I could just get one enormous one ….

pics courtesy of Trunk and Orderly


5 responses to “Irresistible Storage Solution

  1. Sometimes I use one of these (or very like these) instead of a handbag. At 53, it’s never too late to skip, either!

  2. OMG I am in love, thanks for posting this I have pinned them and am going to think about future kids storage! ❤

  3. I still have mine and I keep treasured items in it – I am in my sixties so my school case is well into its late 50’s – does that label me as a “hoarder”! My old school case has travelled widely, NZ, England and now Australia 🙂 I still love mine

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