3 minute decluttering miracle

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed on the journey to better organisation. So much to do so, so many areas that need attention.

Much of our clutter is visual, so here’s three quick fire ways to create order in less than three minutes!

  • Make the bed. Making the bed each morning takes just three minutes (or less) and provides instant visual clarity. That means that your eyes (and brain) have a place to rest even if the rest of the room is CHAOS!
  • Empty the bin(s). Overflowing bin? Recycling strewn about? Another quick fix for your home or office is to ensure all bins are taken our and recycling stashed outside ready for council collection. Another feel good visual fix!
  • Put things away!Take just a few minutes to put items away in the kitchen, lounge or kids rooms, bathroom or study. Hang clothes, return toys to baskets or shelves, stack dishwasher and recycle newspapers. Just three minutes in each space will return impressive results.Set the time and get going!If you have another quick fix, I’d love to hear it.

7 responses to “3 minute decluttering miracle

  1. Get out a broom and clean off those cobwebs near the ceiling. Makes the room look cleaner and when your eyes are drawn upwards, they are no longer there to annoy you.

  2. I love the ‘put things away’ task (I tend to walk a lap of the house collecting and returning things as I go), but I also find that a couple of minutes spent wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and around the stove, and giving it a quick sweep, makes a world of difference.

  3. My grandmother’s rule handed down by Mum to me is “Never leave a room empty -handed.” Nana was born in the 1880’s so Clutter is not just a modern phenomenon!

  4. I have severe osteoarthritis in one hip (am on a waiting list for a hip replacement) and have had to work out ways to do things as painlessly as possible. One thing I do is when the washing is ready to be put away I fold and sort it according to rooms – either at the washing line or clothes drier or clothes horse. Also the order in which I will be taking the washing out. The towels etc into the bathroom are on top, tea towels and other kitchen hand towels are next and at the bottom my clothes in my room at the front of the house. Not 3 minutes but approx 10 minutes to fold, sort and put away the washing and no piles of it anywhere.

  5. Thanks Lissanne, I love receiving your weekly digest via e-mail and just got it as I was contemplating getting off the couch to go and sort through some boxes that are in my spare room from when I moved (over 2 years ago). Just the motivation I needed!

  6. I try to deal with my mail straight away. Schedule bill payment, file, etc. Not always successful but makes a real difference when I do.

  7. Little and often just seems to work doesn’t it – suddenly there are RESULTS! and I have also embraced the Nanna’s tip of “Never leave a room empty handed” – this one’s proving to be very effective.

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