One creative way to dispose of your belongings

Just received an email from a pal this morning:

“I was going to have a garage sale. Then I wasn’t. Then I was. And now I’m not again. Instead, I’m just giving my stuff away to peeps I know. The front room is filling with perfectly lovely stuff that I simply don’t need/want/cant be bothered packing and I’ll be throwing open the doors to friends this Sunday from 1-3pm and you can help yourself to whatever you might like.”

She also noted that “if you see something that you once gave me as a gift in amongst all this, please don’t be offended”.

I love my pals strategy in lightening the load as she wanders toward more travel and not-tied-down choices. Have you ever done something like this? Or does the thought fill you with terror? Or have you been sprung disposing of a gift perhaps?


2 responses to “One creative way to dispose of your belongings

  1. I did this but in probably an even less structured way. I put the word out that some sheds needed to be cleaned out, and word of mouth meant people turned up I didnt even know. Although the stuff was free, some people slipped me a few dollars, because as they said, it was saving them money, time and travel. The sheds got cleaned out fast, and everyone “won”.

    It can be a great idea, as long as you limit the space they take from, so you can control what is taken. Even in garage sales people tend to want to wander into “no go” areas and either sticky beak, or want what isnt actually for sale, like garden ornaments or pot plants.

  2. I did something similar when we were being transfered overseas – I love pot plants and had in excess of 50, had a garden party for all my girlfriends and made flags with their names on and when they came to my garden party I gave them their flags to claim a pot / pots and take home with them. Had a fab party and the yard was cleared of pots. 🙂

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