Elderly woman saved as bric-a-brac sparks house fire in Fitzroy

Elderly woman saved as bric-a-brac sparks house fire in Fitzroy.

Interesting that The Age reporter doesn’t use the word hoarder or hoarding in this article. What do you think? Is it bric-a-brac or hoarding? Does it make a difference if the bric-a-brac compromises the safety of the homeowner or emergency services? Discuss.


5 responses to “Elderly woman saved as bric-a-brac sparks house fire in Fitzroy

  1. Hoarding, I would say. So much paper comes into our houses these days, by various means, and we need to be vigilant in moving it on into the recycling bin. I wish I was better at it myself. I wouldn’t let it pile up all over the floor though!

  2. In this so-called paperless society, we seem to have more of the stuff – free newspapers that are home delivered, catalogues, purchased newspapers, magazines. And the older generations seem to have the idea that “it will come in useful some time” or “I will read it later”, and meanwhile the paper piles up.

    Dont know what the answer is, but hopefully in this case the home owner will discard at least some of her supply after this event.

    Seems common to enter an older person’s home and find lots of stuff – ornaments, paper, envelopes. Maybe they get possessive over it (especially if they grew up in poverty), or dont want to ask for help in shifting it.

  3. Im no expert but anyone who has enough stacks of newspaper in their house for the fire brigade to call it a “floor load” is a hoarder.

  4. I don’t think we’ll ever know.

    I have a friend who has a keen interest in aviation heritage. He’s practically turned his house into a library. It is all cataogued and shelved into proper bookcases.

    Is he a horder? I don’t think so, he’s not keeping stuff for stuff’s sake and is happy lend his books. Would this collection be an impediment for fire services should his house go up in flames – probably.

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