No more odd socks

Do you struggle to marry up the socks once the washing is done?

One mum did and it led her to invent a new Australian product, No Odd Socks. Featuring 5 zippered compartments, you can wash, dry and store without separating your socks. I think this might be perfect for the kids undies too!

If washing isn’t your bag (hilarious, aren’t I?) this nifty storage critter features a hook and could be used for cosmetics, toys or travelling or camping.

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Valued at $15 each, I have two to giveaway thanks to No Odd Socks.

Simply post below letting me know your favourite tip from the
1. SORTED! blog (hint: use the tag cloud on the right to search Organising Tips and Techniques”), or from the
2. SORTED! book (hint: grab your copy of SORTED!), and you’ll be in the running.

Entries are accepted from any part of the world, entries close noon AEST Friday 23rd March. Two winners will be selected at random. Good luck!


7 responses to “No more odd socks

  1. My favorite tip from your book is on page 49, titled disposal.

    Before I bought your book, I had boxes and boxes of ‘stuff’ that I was either archiving, or holding on to in hope of “selling” it one day, or keeping because I thought I had to.

    Now, rather than keep something for the sake of it, or until the day comes that I sell it, I either give the unwanted item away, or donate to the op-shop.

    If it’s paperwork I no longer need, I recycle it.

  2. I really love the tips about making Christmas decorations out of unwanted items! Great way to give un-needed items a useful new life!

  3. Might sound really simple but throwing your spare gold coins into a jar.

    We’re on a seriously strict budget at the moment, but if I seperate some of the ‘spare’ gold coins from my wallet I can call it ‘fun’ money. I use it for a ‘sometimes’ treat, like the takeaway coffee I brought on the way to work this morning.

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