Before and after: reclaiming a home office

It’s Makeover Monday! If you love a before and after as much as I do, you’ll love this jobbie I did a while back reclaiming a home office/spare room to it’s original glory.

Lots of decisions to be made about the ‘content’ (that’s what I call all the physical stuff) and plenty of sorting and finding better homes for things. How beautiful is that existing space underneath all the clutter? Much more welcoming for guests, and of course, a better place to concentrate now. These are results you can expect when working with SORTED!


5 responses to “Before and after: reclaiming a home office

    • You might be surprised, Sapphyre :-). Set a timer and tackle it for ten minutes. Start with obvious things – for example, items that belong elsewhere and can be put there, or anything that should go in the bin. Then sort the rest into catetories, sort each category (keep, give away/sell, throw away). Put the keepers in a new home, or make one. Keep like with like so you know what you have and where it is – stationery, electrical, computer stuff, etc. Ten minutes every few days goes far.

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