Rules to help with email overload.

I love this! Thanks to @heidirettig for the heads up.

Email Overload
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9 responses to “Rules to help with email overload.

      • Thanks, Lissane – that’s a lot better. I really enjoyed reading the “Rules” and they could be applied similarly to home as well. It would save a lot of time and energy!

  1. This is brilliant. Seems as though keeping on top of emails have taken over our lives! I sit on my bum at work going through them, then sit on my bum at home, going through them. I’ll let you guess the result 🙂

    I, personally, make calls now. so much more gets done, so much quicker.

  2. I would love to print this out and put it up at work. if it saved me from ONE email, it’s work would be done. anyone know how I can do that pls?

  3. I’ve just spent a few days culling my email list. Gradually I had signed up for waaaay too many craft/cooking/house/garden/clever this/funny that/interesting and even mentally challenging blogs and what evers. Too many lovely things to read about, but it was clutter in my head. The time spent unsubscribing was time spent well.
    Naturally, Sorted! remains as a must-have. x

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