What do you do when your brain is full?


5 responses to “What do you do when your brain is full?

  1. When my brain is full, I make myself a pot of green tea and lock myself away, run a hot bath, light some candles and forget about everything for a few hours

  2. Oh I love making lists, specially when my brain is overloaded and I feel stressy and tense with too much to think about. Getting the essentials down on paper often surprises me with how few things would be classified ‘urgent’. Phew…and it’s a relief to see them all listed neatly, then to put a big line thru them when done.
    Sometimes I list basic stuff just so I can feel that satisfied sense of achievement when I cross it off the list.
    Regarding keeping the floors cleared, I agree. Floors are for furniture, feet and pets. (Unless a goldfish has jumped out of the tank.)
    Love your work, Lissanne.

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