SORTING workshop

Our next SORTING workshop is tomorrow! It’s time to get your tax paperwork in order or begin sorting you photos, please join us for a fun SORTING workshop. You needn’t feel that sorting your stuff is something you have to try and make happen at home or work. Bring your boxes of stuff, your computer, your bags of flotsam jetsam. Untangle your wool!  Sort and cull your digital photos.  Places are strictly limited to only 10 people per class, so don’t delay in booking.

Your hosts:

Lesley Sanders / Memory preserver

Lissanne Oliver / Organiser Extraordinare

When 1:30 – 5:30pm

Saturday 10th March 2012

Saturday 14th April 1012

Saturday 2nd June 2012

FULL DETAILS Please visit our website

TO BOOK  Please visit our web store

PRICE $66 inc GST
“Thanks for the sorting workshop on Saturday. It was really great to be in a safe and supportive environment to start sorting my photos and memorabilia.  I really felt overwhelmed by the task but now I know that I can do it with your support.

I have boxes and boxes of stuff from our family home. It was sold last year after mum passed away so it will be good to sort it out and be able to display the important stuff. You have great energy and it is always great to be around you. I am planning to do several more sessions.  It worked really well for me especially for the photos and memorabilia stuff because that  can be quite emotionally taxing.”


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