Music to organise you

I’m creating a playlist for SORTING! workshops: would love to know your music recommendations. What songs make you want to get up and get stuff done?!  I’ll share mine if you share yours….

(post inspired by Beth Zeigler from



11 responses to “Music to organise you

  1. I tend to play classical as it keeps the client calm, yet stil has the benefit of keeping them moving. You just can’t freak out to classical music, now can you?

    I use digital radio – 2 mbs (mostly).

    Lissanne – I’d love to share yours…..

    • Classical! Goodness! I would have though that was calming, yes, but kind of slowing?! I must try it sometime.

      I can’t go past DEVO, the tempo gets me up and moving quick smart. I also love the track “Talk like that” by the Presets…

  2. I’m with ‘everything fits’ – can’t beat classical music for inspiration & activity.

    Handel’s ‘Music for the Royal Fireworks’ and also his ‘Water music’ are both lively & uplifting. Bach is good also, generally a little more soothing though his “Brandenburg Concertos” are lively. Mozart is another composer to be recommended.

    I use all of those when I need a lift or some help getting started on a project. Apparently something in the music and timing of these earlier composers matches our brainwaves in some way & that’s why the music works so well.

    Oh, and what could be more enervating than the William Tell overture for when you’re really getting into it.

  3. If its settling music you want (ie settle down to sort) then I have a teacher friend who swears by Mozart. Helps get the kids into the zone.

    Perhaps its more of a house work playlist but I love the “Tank Girl” sound track. Its loud dirty music that I sign along to badly but boy does it get the heartrate pumping and the mojo happening.

  4. I’ve always wanted to make a playlist of my “getting rid of things/less is more/stuff doesn’t make you happy” theme songs (but I’m too lazy):

    “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” (Set Me Free, Why Don’t You Babe?) by the Supremes
    “Release Me” by Elvis Presley
    “Shout, Shout, Let It All Out (…these are the things I can do without)” by Tears for Fears
    “Looking for Space” by John Denver
    “Some Kind of Wonderful” (I don’t need a whole lotta money, I don’t need a big fine car…) by Grand Funk Railroad
    “Another Brick in the Wall Part II (We Don’t Need No Education)” by Pink Floyd
    “Silver Threads and Golden Needles Cannot Mend This Heart of Mine (You Can’t Buy My Love With Money ‘Cause I Never Was That Kind) by Linda Ronstadt
    “(Money Can’t) Buy Me Love” by the Beatles
    “The Power of Love (You don’t need money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train)” by Huey Lewis

    and so on…

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