mmmmm Mori clips!!

They look delicious, work beautifully, are reusable.  Yummy!  They are so delicious I could eat them!  If you’re not familiar with Mori Clips, they are a beaut paper fastener that are a more sophisticated option than bulldog clips or paper clips.

What’s your favourite stationery tool or gadget?



8 responses to “mmmmm Mori clips!!

  1. Hmmm, I wouldn’t say “delicious” but they much more professional looking than using foldback / bulldog clips – they also come in single colours AND 2 sizes – small and large.

    My favourite stationery line is the Post it Pop Up – I’m forever looking for post it’s and my pop up dispenser means there is always one ready for me to use.
    The latest one from 3M includes a free purse dispenser – doesn’t look too good on my desk though.

  2. Plastic Post-It Tags. Love using them particularly in recipe books and magazines for things I love or want to make.

  3. Favourite gadget is my new label maker (I swore I’d never get one, but decided those plastic shoeboxes needed labelling so I could find things).

    Favourite stationery – novelty paperclips (I have some smiggle ones shaped like baby feet), coloured bulldog clips, and even coloured staples – given the number we put in docs at work, it’s the only variety we can get! I store the clips in little espresso cups I’ve been given as gifts but have no use for.

  4. Striped (plastic coated) paper clips – pretty, don’t leave rust marks on the paper, and grip better than metal.
    Coloured staples.
    Pre-printed paper with watermarked images on it, or framed with a pattern, ready to print on.

  5. Any and all stationery sends me weak at the knees. I’m loving little sticky note things when I read text books and study books. They make me feel so grown up, as though I am paying attention to what I’m reading, and hopefully will find what I need when essays are due!

  6. Hi Lissanne, I am pleased to tell you that I discovered these ‘beauties’ about 8 years ago. They are awesome! They used to be only in silver, so imagine my joy when they came out in colours!! Keep up the great work. Reading your view on the world brings me great joy and happiness (and a good chuckle too).

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