The Crap Exchange

I’m at my friend O’s house this morning. Her Dad just dropped by and gave her a half eaten tub of pate. O explains: We have this thing in my family called The Crap Exchange. You know, where useless bits of stuff is exchanged among us. The last time I saw my sister it was bubble wrap, but hey, she’s moving. And Dad’s going away for two weeks, so it makes sense that he give me his half-eaten pate.

Yes, O, I see the sense.

Do you have The Crap Exchange at your place? What treasures go around?



3 responses to “The Crap Exchange

  1. I was about to say no, but then realised my brother just sent me two large A. Post boxes (the A3 ones) full of DVDs. And he’s working on a third! Still, I guess he gets rid of something, gives me DVDs to watch, and some cash when I on-sell the unwanted ones. I finally saw Wall-E, and I just might finally see most of the Harry Potter series. (Just quietly though, he sent me this stuff because he can’t be bothered to list it on ebay, when he knows I will, eventually.)

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