Organised is a journey, not a destination.



3 responses to “Organised is a journey, not a destination.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I am constantly editing all of my belongings and reorganising my house. Though, I think that I am a little obsessive about keeping everything in order. When does one know how often and how much to edit and reorganise? How much ‘evidence of daily life’ is enough in one’s home? I ask these questions as someone who grew up in a very messy and untidy home and I am determined not to let my children grow up in such a home.

  2. Yes. Oh yes. When you have to “revisit” organization is only about how you live your life. once every 3 months? once every 6? once every 12? only you can decide how organized you keep yourself. and please be kind to yourself – our lives very much tend to get in the way! Better to go to the beach, or the art gallery, or the zoo, than to keep that place super organized. It’s just when it overwhelms you that you need to make it a priority.

  3. Organised is one moment in time. Wait another moment, an electricity bill arrives, and is tossed on the kitchen table, to be buried by junk mail. Suddenly, you are no longer organised. Of course it has to be an ongoing process, or it falls down. The “trick” for me is to put strategies in place that help keep it organised – put your electricity bill, or other bills, in a prominent place – eg near the computer if you pay online, in your face.

    And it evolves. Used to pay face to face and now pay online? Different system needed. Read about a better way to do something? Implement it. So it also has to become a state of mind. And like housework, a level at which you are comfortable, before you have to dive in and re-organise.

    Organised for some is confusion for others. Like old movies where the filing cabinet is alphabetical and someone puts a letter under L for Letters, and another puts it under B for Brown, the person it was from. If the system exists in your head, and no one else understands it, then no one else can help keep things organised.

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