A fresh eye

Happy New Year!

I have been really looking forward to 2012 for all the new and creative things it brings but also being able to let go of some old.

I returned to my home and office after two weeks away and I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw with my fresh eye. My home is lovely!  Inviting, welcoming, organised and creative.  It’s not as cluttered as I thought (despite my profession, I love ‘stuff’ and am a bit of a collector so have to work at managing it).  All those niggly little unfinished jobs and paint touch ups really didn’t matter.  The bigger picture is solid.

So here’s an idea for you.  You’re back at your computer, office, study, kitchen etc after a break away. What does your fresh eye tell you?  What are the first three things you notice? Is your eye drawn to the pile of paperwork stacked in a corner, or the framed photographs on the wall? Is your desktop strewn with clutter or your bedroom overwhelmed with clothes not yet put away?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to holiday away from your space, what friends would say if they walked in for the first time? (This is not about judgement but about numbers– what are the common comments you might hear from others?).  Id love to hear how the New Year is treating you and your space – and if you have any reflections on last year (or the year ahead!).

3 responses to “A fresh eye

  1. Having time off between Christmas & New Year meant I could actually tackle lots more of those mini decluttering jobs. Have sorted stuff in the kids’ rooms & thrown away the obvious, repacked the rest to occupy a much smaller space (they’ve both left home, just not taken all the their stuff with them!) I have thrown out some old clothes, donated unwanted books for an office book sale in February (psychologically speaking books are very difficult for me to get rid of ). The house is looking quite tidy but is now the result of several months chipping away at things. I am a great believer in the “little bits at a time” theory, it adds up at a unbelievable rate – here a drawer there a shelf. So yes Lissanne my space is looking quite good. Happy New Year and thanks as always for this web site and your book, Bronwyn

  2. Oh Bronwyn I am so happy to hear that! You are spot on – all that chipping away really does make a difference…. well done to you. Keep it up! And thank you for your support of my work, always appreciated!

  3. Friends would probably say our home looks lived in! I have been wanting to make our home more inviting for years and have a very long to do list but other things have always taken priority. Now I have a toddler it is even more difficult to find time to do more than the bare minimum, and I have developed an increased tolerance for mess. Lately however I have made some inroads – giving away lots of clothes, books and toys, and organising the stuff I have kept. I now have grand plans for how our home is going to look. I have really thought hard about what to keep and what to let go of – your book and blog has helped immensely with this Lissanne!

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