Make Christmas decorations from your clutter

Here’s some great ideas on creating your own Christmas tree this year – from flotsam jetsom you can find in your home or office.  Who would have thought that random items could be put to such a creative use?

Flotsam Jetsam Christmas Tree


Made from “useless but pretty objects”, creator Jane from All the luck in the world gleaned lots of little items including buttons.  Although I don’t do Christmas, this concept makes me want to make SOMETHING with my bits and bobs too.  Watch this space!!!

via Apartment Therapy

Here’s another more simply styled version using sticky notes:

I found this one via Google, creator has a great eye!

Of course, these are both great projects you can do with the kids in an afternoon. Get scavenging and creating!


PS I’ve spoken a couple of times at a lovely church in Aberfoyle Park, SA and last year when I was there, they promoted the  Jeweled Memories workshop by Judy Styles – I remember calling it ‘genius’!! I’m not trying to confuse you into thinking they are doing it this year, rather, I am just suggesting you steal Judy’s concept and then talk about how clever she is to everyone you know).


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