What’s your favourite container?

My (current) favourite container is an empty tissue box.  True.  It makes a lovely bin by the bedside- and is easily replaced when I desire a new design! (Thanks to the gorgeous Heather for the inspiration….)

What’s your favourite container?  What makes your heart sing for its function or form?  Share the love, peeps!


7 responses to “What’s your favourite container?

  1. Clear plastic boxes with lids and wheels, short enough to fit under a bed. You can see what is in them, and yet hide them away. Useful for things you need to keep, but not access every day.

  2. Ohhh, containers! those super sturdy, gorgeously coloured ones that perfume packages come in – you know, perfume + body lotion or perfume + bath gel. they are so strong, you can easily stack them and they are small enough to compartmentalise many, many things and they stack perfectly without crushing. And so pretty. Love ’em!

  3. I use my empty tissue boxes as bins too. They’re perfect for next to the sewing machine to collect all the scraps and offcuts and threads. If only mine were as pretty!

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  5. My favourite containers are the Nescafe poly containers that go with the coffee machine, you know the ones that are placed up-side-down. They’re clear and square and fit into my pantry shelves. 42 containers to a drawer and easy to label on the sides and tops.

    I dry my own fruit and vegetables (that means I have a large variety of vegetables on one drawer, another has my fruits and snacks the 3rd has pulses and grains. Everything is sorted and easily accessible. Most things have one or two bayleaves in them and that avoids encouraging multi-legged beasties breeding.

    Next favourite is the poly 1 litre milk bottles. I use them in my workshop for my various nails and screws as well u-nails. Being square-shaped they go on their sides with lables on the sides and lids.

    • Hi Merinda, any chance of a photo of the Nescafe poly containers? I can’t think of what you mean, but they sound incredibly useful! Thanks. Also, thanks for the hint about the bay leaves…didn’t know about that one!

  6. Starmaid 10L plastic containers with lids, you buy them in packs of 4 from BigW and Spotlight. They are not cheap by any means (unless you bought them super cheap at Coles after they were a catalogue special – like me), but they’re a good size and they hold all the flat stuff I need in my sorting, as well as pieces of my collections.

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