Culling your digital files

Should you make time to cull your digital files?  I say no.  I reckon you’ve got better things to do with your time.
The only type of files you might consider culling are the big fattie boombah obese ones, like videos for example.  They are worth culling from time to time.
What do you think?  Have you spent time trying to organise your files and given up?  Or do you regularly jump in and clean up… I’d love to hear!


3 responses to “Culling your digital files

  1. Oh Im a read/watch and delete girl for sure, I have two folders work and stuff with maybe 20 emails stored only…looking forward to meeting you next week!!

  2. I agree, cull movies, videos & for me I have massive folders with psych subject downloads I will never need again so entire folder…trash!

  3. I try to do a quick cull from time to time as well as the get rid of the 1MB+ files almost immediately, especially in my email folders. Unless the big files are good photos then I rename and save them into year by year folders.

What do you think?

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