Jan’s Super Storage Solutions!

The lovely and talented Jan who is one of my “my girls” working at SORTED!, recently featured on my old stomping ground, Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7. (This is not Jan and me, this is Griggsy and me!)

Jan and her husband Blair recently built their new home with Modscape.  I asked Jan to tell me a bit more about how she worked out such clever storage solutions – particularly with two young boys.  She’s done an amazing job!  Jan told me:

“I have always believed when building a house you should build it to your requirements, and consider what will be need in the near future NOT for resale unless you are a developer (even then thinking about how the house and systems are going to run is pretty important!) Thinking about the things I didn’t like about where I have lived before and how I could adapt the house to suit my needs was important. I felt there were some key areas to get right:

  • kids craft
  • kids toys
  • household paperwork
  • cat food / litter tray
  • laundry
  • landing strip
  • kitchen
  • movement of items from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa

I know the bit that impressed Lissanne so much was the storage for the kids craft so I’ll start with that and share some of my other storage solutions for another post.

All the drawings and cut out stuff the boys love doing is messy and it SPREADS!  I didn’t want it all over the dining table or kitchen bench top – too much fighting and chaos to clean it all up so I saw a great idea (from www.houzz.com) that I adapted for my own purpose:

Now you see it…
  • the desks for the boys are built into the cabinetry and when closed just look like a bench.  When they open they have all the stuff the boys need to make, draw, paint, stamp, cut and … generally make a mess and learn stuff!
  • they have power points so when they are old enough they can do their homework at their desks and I will be able to supervise from the kitchen while making dinner
  • when the desks are closed… visual clarity (Lissanne’s term) and bliss!  You wouldn’t even know we had two boys making a mess.  People think I’m really neat but I just planned it that way.
  • when they are much older studying seriously for VCE or whatever they have desks in each of their rooms for quiet work.
now you don’t!

6 responses to “Jan’s Super Storage Solutions!

    • CareBar76, this is bespoke – the housing manufacturer constructed it. Contact your local cabinet maker or handy dude to score your own. Just make sure you include a hydraulic arm on those lids to avoid snapping little fingers!

  1. I just said “wow” out loud and no one is home… what a clever design! I’m impressed and have forwarded this solution on to three friends.

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