Why labelling matters

I can’t stand to see those stupid photos of clear containers with a frickin’ label on them – WTF?  You can see what’s inside… labelling is superfluous! It gives organising a bad name.It smacks of anal, A type personalities. Peeps who rearrange things when you’ve stacked the dishwasher. Urrrrgh!

HOWEVER!  Labels are worth their weight in gold when used for anything that:

  • is containerised (and generally speaking, not transparent)
  • is stored high or deep and hard to reach
  • contains complex contents (eg, something like archives)
  • is not easily recalled (dates, names, details)
  • would benefit from the finishing touch of a good-lookin’ label.

What needs labelling at yours? What’s neglected? What’s under control?  What are you proud of?  I love this label I made for much loved husband Mark!


13 responses to “Why labelling matters

  1. We have noticed this trip, we need to label our iPhoto uploads. We are currently in Fremantle supporting the Vic Under 15 Lacrosse National Championships.

    We are taking about 1000 photos per day between the 2 Victorian teams. We would easily confuse the days, if we didn’t label them.

    Also of the 32 girl squad, those girls who have labelled their clothes, uniforms, underwear are losing less than the others.

    • oh yeah – I hear you!!! [digital photos] all back up so fast. as in back log!

      I hope you can make friends with the delete key!

      Love the tip on labelling their physical stuff too – it will absolutely assist with staying on top of what’s where.

      Hey, best of luck with the championships too! Tres exciting!

      • Most people uploading photos these days don’t EDIT or delete, they just put them all up even the terribly exposed and composed ones and think others want to look at them.

        85% of people don’t back up their digitial photos, so archives will be scarce in the future.

  2. Oh yes.

    ( from another blog, and your book) I made Kate read your information on packing, and she blitzed the weight limits.

    She didn’t forget anything, but she’s not carrying any excess either, unlike the girl who’s parents paid excess baggage, and they are still buying her new socks everyday!!!!!!

      • Also, I suspect I need to label the purchase dates for canned foods (although that can be with a texta). Cleaned out the pantry a few weeks ago – canned food often doesn’t have a best before date. Best way I could tell was that if I couldn’t remember buying it since I moved in 3 years ago, I probably shouldn’t keep it.

  3. I also must confess to labelling clear containers in the pantry – and I am so not an anal, A-type personality. But it means I know what was in a now-empty container and what I need to add to the shopping list.

  4. Your labeling tips have transformed my office filing system- it is actually therapeutic to revise my labels and make sure the contents are traceable ie in the right spot!!

  5. Um, I now label my clear containers, mostly because they aren’t actually clear. I can see how full they are, and what colour is in them, but I can’t actually see what’s in them until I open it, so I label. It also means that I can see which box stuff should go in from across the room (aka outside the door).
    As I am dyslexic and have the memory of a goldfish, labelling also reminds me that the thing in my hand does have a permanent home, and where that home is.
    Works really well for me, but I wouldn’t impose it on anyone who actually has a memory.

  6. Cords and chargers. I have a snakes nest of them now, and I can never find the one I want when i want it. Some are for old phones and cameras that don’t work any more and should be bundled up and sent off to the recycling point.

    I tried putting them in labelled zip lock bags (genius right?) but the family keep taking them out and moving them around. I need a little tag that you can put on them, like a version of a key chain so you can note what item they belong with!

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