Makeover Monday

I LOVED sorting this room in Canberra yesterday.  I helped Lisa transform the ‘scary room’ into a space ready for activity.

There’s a bit of homework left to do, but rather than wanting to run from from this room, Lisa is now up for a bit more sorting and purging as we have more than broken the back.


  • Stay on top of managing paperwork: weekly is a must. When you get back log, you won’t be inspired or find it manageable.
  • Banish packaging from shopping within a week, any longer and your space is just a rubbish tip.
  • Schedule time in January to take down and pack away your Christmas Decos.  Leaving them out in your living areas til September robs you of space.

What a great makeover; I really enjoyed this job. Thanks for having me Lisa! See you again to sort the shed!

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I’ve been dreaming up a new colour palette too.  Something that will suit sharing this space with her teenage son.  Gun mental metal grey would be my choice.  Super bright colours could then be added, and they will really pop and look gorgeous.  Red and orange accents would be lovely.

Lisa was getting lots right in her space: good labelling, being accepting and sensible about letting the old go, and investing the time and money to create positive change.  You go girl!

“It was all good.  Lissanne was courteous, respectful and kind.  It’s saved me time and confusion… it would have taken me years and been stressful.

Son Adam took one look at the room as said “awesome!

A week later, Lisa wrote to me: “We have had a couple of days at home so are “building” our new activity room, it is going well, so much quick progress with your help and effort really inspired and motivated me 🙂


One response to “Makeover Monday

  1. Wow! What a difference.

    Its interesting what you say about “breaking the back” of the sorting/decluttering/purging process. We are now towards the end of our stage 3 renovation (with stages 4/5/6 still to happen). With each room that we ‘attacked’, much sorting and purging went on and it became easier as we could see the difference in previous rooms. It was also a case of we have a lovely ‘new’ room, “do we really want to put ‘that’ back in ‘there’?”.

    Well done to Lisa for taking that first step.

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