If you could blink your eyes and have one room perfectly organised, which room would it be?

Tell me your room and I’ll give you some tips to get started!


25 responses to “If you could blink your eyes and have one room perfectly organised, which room would it be?

  1. I have the kitchen, “dining” and lounge in one big room. The kitchen table becomes a dumping ground altho I try to clear it once a week. I also like a few ornaments around the place but struggle with dusting, so its a catch-22. I think a place looks clinical without them though.

    • I too hate dusting – best thing we ever did was get a cleaner!

      Tip for the dining table… could be that dumped items have another home elsewhere and it could then become just a matter of putting away?

      For example, paperwork can go in a tray on a bookshelf, random items like a nail file, hair band or lip balm can live in a small bowl nearby, shopping bags to the car, that kind of thing.

    • too many chairs?! Use it or lose it 🙂 That’s where I’d start!

      And for the record, my mantra is


      So maybe look at the neglected items next. Hope this helps!

  2. office/ craft room…
    the above comment is great.. .Mess is fine, Neglect is not… I neglect to attend to stuff at the time (paperwork etc) and then I get to tidying up the other rooms, and it all gets dumped in the office! my office is like a vortex which just never seems to get and stay tidy… sigh….

  3. My spare bedroom but only because its currently the dumping ground while we get some renos done around the house. 🙂

    Although seriously I’d love some ideas to better sort out my wardrobe. We have one of those traditional ‘built-ins’ which is waaay too small and only has a single hanging rail and shelf above. We stuck in a chest of drawers to store shorts, tops etc a few years ago but I feel that the space could be organised better. Wondering if you could suggest some good ‘wardrobe systems’ which would allow for better utilizaton of the space.

    • I love that you put the chest of drawers into the wardrobe, I often do this to create better storage. BUT, if you can relocate those drawers to elsewhere in the bedroom, why not add extra hanging space? Double hanging suite shirts, skirts and trousers (folded in half). Longer items can hang on hooks on the inside of the door if you don’t have too many to hang. Good luck!

    • Curly, you are not alone! It seems to be a common complaint. How regularly do you allow time to maintain? I would suggest allowing ten minutes for each hour you are creating for maintenance. Eg, spend three hours in there, spend 30 minutes on tidying up, putting away, chucking, straightening etc. Not allowing any time at all will ensure permanent creative chaos!! Best of luck missy! x

  4. The home office in our spare bedroom – which is slowly becoming a dumping ground for everything we can’t find another place for. It’s not a very peaceful place to work at the moment and I work from home one day a week!

    • ouch! Again, quite a common issue Kiki – that spare room is often the dumping ground. Perhaps start allocating homes ANYWHERE BUT the office for those random items… problem solved! And if in doubt, chuck it OUT! Everything in your space must earn it’s keep.

  5. Three kids in a two bedroom house would love the lounge which is also the study, my craft area and dining room so very cluttered with stuff. Including toys that the kids are playing with. Also a very small room with no physical space for a dining room table so have to use coffee table.

  6. You are challenged!

    First, be RUTHLESS about your belongings. Again, everything must really earn it’s keep. Perhaps limit the number of kids toys too. Bottom line is that I would try and keep only items in USE in that space, rather than using the space for STORAGE. Make sense? See if you can halve what lives there and you will have so much more space.

    Also, make sure you use the walls for storage: shelves, hooks and anything mounted on the wall will help save your sanity.

    You can do it! Good luck.

  7. Our bedroom is the room I wish a fairy would come along and sort! Its a really large bedrm/parents retreat with TV. Its where I fold & iron (4kids so there’s always a lot of folding & ironing!!) Simily to Jane I’m constantly tiding the 4kids b/rooms, kitchen, dining & lounge….while neglecting our b/rm & also the office (both of which are our dumping gounds). Obviously your advice for Jane is valid..’start there, dont leave them til last”… any other words of wisdon???
    ps Im almost finished reading ‘Sorted” and Ive gotten heaps of great advice thx!

    • Hi Lou. Just wanted to share my achievement within the last week. I finally (after 12 months of it being the house dumping zone) put everything OUT of my bedroom where it should live (or simply somewhere other than my bedroom – permanent home to be found soon!! ) My husband has commented on how wonderful the bedroom feels. But, even better still, the last couple of nights I have had the best sleep ever! With 4 kids, you deserve a tidy haven to rest and restore. Good luck!
      BJ – another 6 rooms in the house to conquer still – but once conquered is does feel (and look) great!

      • BJ – that’s what i need to do – my bedroom is a dumping ground, and with the computer and desk in it too, there are papers galore from many projects. only trouble is – where to put the stuff – some has been tossed in a more ruthless manner than I’ve ever managed before, but some stuff (like school clothes waiting for the youngest to start – I have 4 kids – needs to be kept for several more years). I will think on this and try it out over the school hols… but I’m sure that my hubby and I will get a better night sleep with less stuff in our room too.

    • Get a bunch of empty boxes. Label them. Toss in things that match the description on the box – eg clothes, stationery, electrical, paperwork. No judgement at this stage.
      When done, start sorting a box – toss anything that is broken, worn, no longer used (or donate the good stuff you dont need). Find a “home” for the rest, keeping it in one place. I have one cupboard for pet accessories and food, and another shelf for pet blankets and bedding. Then tackle the next box.
      You should find you have much less to deal with, and the sorting is more manageable. Also leads to like stored with like.
      Then you can look into storage options matching your needs – chest of drawers, filing cabinet, folders, bookcases, etc.
      Also nothing wrong with labels on shelves or cupboards – keep until , etc.

      • thanks Robin
        that is a really good practical idea – and definitely something I can do… so I will gather my boxes today – and begin tomorrow! yay. I suspect that one box will be labelled – Husband’s stuff to sort!

  8. My back room, which along with bring the smallest room in the house, is my computer room, professional qualifications study area, teaching resource storage area, library, household accounts,and small business admin and dispatch area.
    It started off fairly well organised but as more and more functions have appeared and my computer and bookshelves are set up in there, it was the logical place to put things.

    • Your back room is the everything room! It sounds overwhelmed… I would start by archiving absolutely anything that doesn’t need to be there and moving it to the garage/attic – or indeed the rubbish bin! In a small space, you need to be absolutely rutheless!

    • Ah… what’s lounging in your lounge room that shouldn’t be?! Move it elsewhere or move it on altogether. Loungerooms are the one space that are best for relaxing not storing stuff.

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